Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes I was Late

So all of you that have finally gotten a Christmas card and wondered, "Was I an after thought? Did they only send me one because I sent them one? or Surely she didn't send out her cards this late?" No, No, and Yes. Yep my cards didn't get mailed until two days before Christmas this year. If I would have realized it was going to take me that long to get them out I would have made Happy New Year Cards instead.
So those joining us for the first time, yes I blog on here about the family- no not as much as I want to and yes I plan to do more in the new year. No your eyes are not deceiving you, Brian did drop 90 pounds in the last year or so not by surgery but by pure sweat and maybe even some tears and a little weight watchers- go down in a previous post and you can see his Marathon pictures. That is is the reason you are getting a Christmas Card with us on it this year and not just our kids. Brian declared several months ago that he was going to be on the card this year and I decided I better drop some weight too. Yeah well as you can see that didn't happen either- I'm working on that too. In our unbiased (hehe) opinion our girls are great and yes their pictures speak volumes about their personalities. Peyton is our little sassy mouth who thinks she is a princess and is growing up too fast as a Kindergartner. Landree is just as fun loving and mischievous as she looks in her pictures- life is never dull with her in the picture.
So in the next two weeks- yes I'm putting a deadline, I plan to update you on our
Thanksgiving week- yes I know- PITIFUL
Christmas break
My first workout with a trainer- you can now pick your jaw up I went and did return
and for my beloved mother- Cruise reports from October- again I know I am pitiful
Also I have a new blog header to get up there since those pictures are from last Winter/Spring

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hell Might Be Freezing

Not really but it is sleeting in San Antonio. Not going to do anything but I can't believe I am actually seeing sleet in San Antonio. It was 78 degrees today this afternoon and Peyton was asking for the air conditioner and now it's 40 degrees. Landree has pink eye and of course I now have pink eye so we're just a crusty pair here. I owe you some updates but I've been working on Christmas cards so I'm getting to ya. Well the sleet has already stopped- knew it wasn't freezing over. Marcus says we might need to get milk and bread because ya know if they freaked out in Little Rock over winter weather, they will lose their ever loving mind here.