Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a Little Ray of Sunshine

Peyton and Landree were watching SuperWhy on PBS this morning when a PSA came on about how moms work so hard and give 100% to their kids. Little Miss Sunshine looked over at me and said, "You don't do that." I asked her what she was talking about and she replied, "You don't give your kids 100%." I thought about asking her if she even knew what 100% was or why she thought that but I decided to just leave it and say, "OK Peyton." This afternoon I said something to Peyton about taking my camera to Daddy's Basketball game. She said, "I don't think you should do that, somebody might see the pictures and think he was a pro and he's not." Well isn't she just a little ray of sunshine today. Nothing like having a five year old put you in your place.

This weekend was pretty nice for us. On Friday, I took all my girls (Kacy and Abby too) to see Horton Hears a Hoo. I had hotdogs in my bag for Landree along with microwave dairy-free popcorn in a ziploc and juice boxes. Peyton did get a kids popcorn meal and everybody was happy and allergy safe. I also took Landree's tabby blanket and everybody made it through the movie without one potty trip. I had worked out in my mind all the different situations on how I would make potty trips by myself with 4 kids. Landree is now obsessed with wanting to go to the movies and even laid out Sunday morning when we told her we weren't going to the movies, we were going to church. I also had one of those lovely moments that you remember for a long time. I was standing at the concession stand in line when I realized something didn't feel right. Sure enough, I had a huge tear in the seat of my pants. The good Lord only knows who all saw my behind that day. I have no clue how long it was like that but I know it didn't just happen while I was standing in line. I was slightly embarassed to say the least but then it changed over to mourning when I realized that these were my favorite denim capris that I have had for years and wore all the time. I got over it because that just means one more pair I get to buy before my cruise.

Friday night, we had a quiet night at home with just the four of us which we haven't done in a week and I made homemade lasagna- YUM. Peyton said she was in love with it- you know it must be good if picky said that. I made Landree an alternative lasagna with Tofutti Mozzarella and she had finished the first serving before I even got to the table. Peyton had a game Saturday and is still frustrating her Daddy. She is not completely focused on the ball 100% of the game and for her athletically incline Father it's a STRUGGLE. Saturday night I went to a crop with Haley and a girl from her neighborhood, Heather who moved here from Maumelle. Haley and I were the only ones doing digital scrapbooking and Haley got a lot of attention. It was from 6-midnight and it was nice to just be somewhere with adults and no kids- even though I spent all my time working with pics of my kids. Sunday was confirmation Sunday at Church so it was packed and of course my girls were not well behaved. I have never had Peyton act out in church at all but she was wired up Sunday for some reason. A few well placed pinches were delivered and I prayed for Patience and kept repeating, "She's a child of God, She's a child of God."
Tonight we went to Brian's Basketball which they didn't win but it was sure fun to watch Brian running up and down that court. He is soooo much faster than he ever was before.
The rest of the week is pretty normal, we have Weight Watchers tomorrow night and if I haven't lost this week, I might get a little bit ugly. I then have to order swimsuits for our cruise- YUCK. Here is one of the excursions we have booked, we are so excited.
I need to make sure I have my motion sickness patches before we go.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh My Aching Butt

This is a favorite phrase of my beloved sister Melanie. Anytime someone is stressing her out or complaining about something she says, "Oh My Aching Butt." I happen to love this phrase but with two small children I can't really utilize the phrase to it's fullest. Well now I have found a new use for it at my house. Everybody knows Brian is losing weight and he is 0.2 pounds away from his goal weight and has lost almost 85 pounds. We have gone through a few times where he has become utterly obsessed about his weight loss (just ask Haley) and has driven me a little batty. However nothing compares like the newest complaint- His butt hurts. His skinny ass (thanks Jessica) has lost so much weight that he doesn't have enough cushion on his butt and if he sits too long it hurts. He was moaning and complaining the other night about sitting in meetings and his butt hurting and then he was complaining about not being able to sit through a movie without his butt hurting. So, Melanie in your honor I looked at him and said, "Oh My Aching Butt." Now I need to go finish getting ready and wrangle two kids into dresses and bows and go to church where I am sure I will hear about his aching butt after he sits through church and the voter's meeting afterwards. Maybe I should pray for patience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Camera

So after my company left on Thursday, I opened up my new camera.

Isn't she pretty? I think I'm going to find a name for her. Normally I name mechanical things good solid names like Bertha or Betsy or Dolly(my first car whose pop-up headlights stayed up all the time- get it Dolly). But I think my camera needs a prettier name than that so I'm going to have to work on it. I set the battery to charge and spent the hour reading up on how to take a picture with it. Peyton woke up during this time and became my first subject.

Next I harassed Landree.

Don't ask I have no clue.

So I can actually take a picture and for that I am very excited but trust me- this is only the beginning. This camera can do so much more that it is a shame that it is currently being wasted on a novice like me.

Okay grandparents and one particular uncle, I have now posted new pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Have you ever noticed that you have different levels of cleanliness depending on the audience? Okay so maybe its just me but I have a feeling most of you know what I'm talking about.

  • There is the somebody famous is coming to my house and I have to completely redo the whole place and get a professional crew in here type of cleanliness.- Never experienced that one before but getting my first house ready to sell was as close as I think I'm ever going to get.
  • Then there is the "I'm going to have people I don't know to my house and I want them to think of me as a clean person and not the slob I am deep down" level of cleanliness
  • Next is "One of our Parents are coming to visit or Acquaintances" level- Okay so this one really should move down the list the older I become. I used to be really worried about when one of our parents came to visit. My mom- I really wanted her to think that I was paying attention all those years and knew how to keep a clean house and wanted her to be proud of me. Who was I trying to kid- she was the one who saw my room all those years and knows deep down that I "know" how to keep a clean house- I just "choose" not too. I used to be really worried when my In-laws came to visit. I didn't want them to think that their son was married to a complete failure of a wife. That too started to go away as the years have gone on- I think more after Peyton was born and I figured out that as long as unknown things weren't growing that could possibly going to hurt their grandchild they were okay. Just pass them a grandkid when they walk through the door and they probably don't even notice the surroundings for the first hour or so. The younger and cuter the kid- the more time before they notice
  • Now we come to the "True Friends and Siblings" level- As long as there is a path through your house and nothing is going to attack them besides kids and a dog and you plan to feed them- you don't have to do much- hey chances are their house looks about the same
  • Lastly "Good Lord- Surely that isn't someone knocking on our door because even I cringe when I look at my house" Level- This one is where you and your husband are just cranky because it is so bad and when you're both working- neither one of you feels like cleaning it and you just ignore it and when one of you isn't working (ME) the other one just gives you those silent but deadly looks, sighs a lot, and mutters under his breath

Well not that we have established the levels, lets look at my house. Everyone knew I had the SAHM open house last Thursday and I will be honest my house was pretty much at the bottom level. I have been in a slump and couldn't seem to get myself in gear. The last time my house was truly clean was Superbowl Sunday and yes people I know that was months ago. My family and Brian's family had visited and it may have been some of the messiest my house had been. So I start working through my house and realized at Midnight on Wednesday night that Good Lord my house had been nasty. I stayed up to a ridiculously late time to get it to a decent level- it looked pretty good but no-one dare go in a closet or open up a cabinet.

We had our gathering and didn't have a big turnout which was okay with me because one of the ladies that came has a daughter starting K in the fall with Peyton and the girls played and she sat around and we talked for an extra two hours. So that was really great.

After I got the girls down for a nap I finally opened up my new camera and played for awhile. Everyone who knows my camera habits know I take WAAAAY too many pictures because I just love a digital camera. Well having a much quicker shutter speed is not helping that problem. I need to get very familiar and intimate with the delete button. Later I'll post some pics and more details on our weekend.

Just for those curious- by Saturday, our house was somewhere between acquaintances and good friends. The Willards came by to pick up Abby who had spent the night and I have to say I was a little uncomfortable when I looked around at my house. Isn't it sad how you don't always notice the condition of things until someone else is about to come through your front door?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Nuts!

So it dawned on me a few weeks ago that Landree is old enough to start learning about her allergies. Peyton quickly caught on and is working with Landree too. We tell her no eggs, no nuts, and no cow's milk- only Landree milk. In Landree language, Allergy is Allgergee. Not sure it's getting us anywhere but it's a start. Last Tuesday, I picked up Kacy from clubs after school and she came home with us. Peyton and Landree were so excited and driving me crazy. I said, "You guys are going to drive me nuts." Which caused Landree to start hollering, "No Nuts, No Nuts." Not that she has a clue what a nut is but hey you gotta start somewhere.

Last night we went to Weight Watchers and then we went to the Willard house to pick up the girls. They all were outside playing when we got there and were not happy that we were making them come home. Brian was on one side of the suburban buckling Landree in and I was on the other letting Peyton in and Landree saw that I had her Carebear. She starts getting all excited and hollering, "Momma, Catch it me, catch it me." It took us a minute and then I asked her if she wanted me to throw it to her and she started hooting- "Catch, it me, catch it me." So she learned how to play catch at the Willard house last night- terminology a little wrong but she got the idea.

UPS says my new camera is out for delivery- yeah!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch out World

Watch out World the Craft and Willard girls are going to start Swimming Lessons this summer. I have been on the phone all morning and there is a great lady at Love-to-Swim that worked on it and got all four of my girls scheduled. On Wednesdays, I will put the older three girls in their class at 9 in the morning and then Landree and my big butt will be going to the Mommy and Me swimming class at 9:15. It should be interesting. It's exciting that Landree gets to do something that the big girls are going to get to do. As I type, she just sat on the dog who has a heart problem and was started bouncing, holding on to his collar, and hollering, "Ride Horsey, Ride Horsey."

There maybe a connection here, the dog checked out and was all clear at his 2006 annual check-up the year Landree was born. Last year right before we moved here his vet found a very mild heart murmur and it didn't need any treatment. One year later after being home with me and Landree all day everyday the dog has a double heart murmur and just got put on heart medication. May not be related but I'm just saying- there maybe a connection.

We had a pretty quiet weekend this past weekend. It was such a busy week that we were glad to spend most of the weekend at home. Peyton did have a soccer game and I swear the child prances like a pony when she runs. Towards the end of the game she did start engaging and getting close to the ball and even had a run where she almost kicked it into the goal. She has her Trike-a-Thon tomorrow so family be careful when answering the phone- she is going to start calling for donations soon. Brian took her out last night after his basketball game to make sure she remembered how to ride her bike. We have to decorate it in honor of Fiesta. I have lived here almost a full year now and I'm not sure what Fiesta is besides almost two weeks of eating and drinking and they have a parade and the kids are out of school for it.

Brian is becoming more active in the church whether he likes it or not. Pastor Barz started a men's group on a book called, "For Men Only- and then something about learning about the innerworkings and thinking of women." Brian hadn't planned on going but Pastor sent an email to check on Landree and sent a personal invitation to Brian- so Brian went. Ask me in a month or two if it worked. On Saturday he got up early and helped build a rock wall at the church. They weren't finished when he left for Peyton's game and he mentioned going back but I already had family plans. Later I learned why- the head guy had brought a cooler full of beer for them to enjoy when they were done.

The good Lord has blessed our family once again. On Thursday, I got the call from the pediatrician that she did indeed have MRSA and that we needed to make sure that she finished her antibiotics. She also said that it was really good that I brought her in when I did and as fast as it was growing, if we would have waited another day she would have probably ended up in the hospital because oral antibiotics would not have worked. I also am very thankful that she knew what she was looking at and took the appropriate steps. I think it scared me more after the fact knowing how close we came to it being really bad. We have since heard so many horror stories involving children and know how blessed we are. She did tell me to really watch any spots on her because it can lay dormant and come back. She had given us an antibiotic cream and any spot that comes up is getting slathered with that.

After all of my dental issues last week (I had the bond from a wreck I had as a kid fall off of one of my front teeth- I really did look like I had moved from Arkansas), I'm back to my hosting duties this week. On Thursday, I am hosting the neighborhood HOA SAHM Open House. Basically I'm having all of the SAHMs in the neighborhoods come over for the morning. Of course I don't think my house has been truly clean since the superbowl party back in February. So you know I have a bunch of women coming in so I have been trying to get things extra clean. Of course then I want to add some extra decorations and I rearranged the playroom again. I love having a playroom downstairs, I just hate that it is the first thing you see when you walk into my house. Instead of cleaning yesterday, I spent 3 hours working on the invitation for Jayce's Birthday Party. Here is what I ended up with:
I wanted to put Jayce Carter since that is how my family refers to him but I thought it might confuse the kids at daycare since no one there uses his middle name. But wouldn't it sound more like a heathen outlaw to have both names- Jayce Carter?
My new camera is supposed to be delivered tomorrow!!! I am so excited but don't expect much because it may take me a month to figure out how to take a picture on it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend/Easter- 3/21-3/23

Here is one of my updates I promised.
On the Friday before Peyton's Birthday, we went to see Disney on Ice- High School Musical. Mom had made it into town so she went with us, Haley had to work so Marcus' Grandmother accompanied Abby and Kacy, and Leigh and Britney also went. We had the standard arena food for lunch and some of the girls picked out souvenirs. We had really great seats and were so close to the ice that I was upset I had forgotten jackets. Peyton was in awe. I knew that she could sing along to the movies but people she knew every word to every single song. Leigh and I cracked up at her. It was a great show and well worth the money.

That night we took mom to Alamo Cafe and then waited for Melanie and her crew to get there. She was worried that she wouldn't see the girls so I told her that I would keep Landree up but that she had to deal with her on Saturday when she was a grump. I had thought I had convinced Peyton to just have plain cupcakes that the kids could decorate for her party. Friday afternoon she asked me when I was going to start on her cake. I asked her what cake and she told me that she thought I was going to make her an artist palette cake like I made Landree's cakes. Well crap, so guess who started making cakes at 9 o'clock at night. Melanie and I stayed up a little too late that night and we were scrambling to get everything ready the next morning.

Her party was at a local pottery place and it was great. The kids ate pizza first, we then put smocks on them and they started painting their tiles. It was hilarious to watch them because some were just real loosey-goosey painting them, others were very exact and knew what they wanted to do, and there were others whose moms should have put their name on them because they are the ones who painted them.
Landree was a nightmare so Aunt Melanie walked around with her and kept her entertained. After painting the tiles, each child got a cupcake with plain white frosting. The kids then decorated them with squeeze icing and sprinkles.
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Peyton. I love how excited a kid gets over a cupcake. We then opened presents and of course Peyton was thrilled with her loot.

Another great shot by Haley. I've decided she is officially signed up pictures for all my kids birthday parties
We headed home and put Landree to bed. The guys played Wii, Melanie and Momma went shopping and Emily and I took Peyton to a birthday party. I would have much rather sat my big butt at home and took a nap but it wasn't in the cards. We saw most of the same kids and there were ponies for the kids to ride.
Peyton had fun and I had a great time with Emily, especially the horse pooped with Peyton riding and she had no clue. I so love that my nieces are getting older. We headed back home and I made homemade guacamole and Brian made fajitas. They were sooooo good. We forced the kids to bed so that we could put out Easter Baskets. I seem to do this every year. I collect things for Easter Baskets and hide them through out the house and then I get them together and realize I have way to much crap. This year was no exception.

I got up early the next morning because I had to make chocolate chip pancakes for Peyton because I had made something special for Landree's birthday and of course Peyton remembers everything. I blocked off the stairs so everyone could come down at once. Here is a pic of Peyton running to Melanie who is wishing her a Happy Birthday.
I could have just given Landree the Elmo Bunny eggs because she walked around here shaking those and Melanie had to show her how to dig in an Easter Basket.
It was pretty much like Christmas around here since it was her birthday and Easter. We actually got everyone to church on time and quickly decided that Landree needed to go to the nursery. When Brian brought her back for communion, we realized that she had a hive on her head and it was spreading. So we sat in church and gave her benadryl. She then started sticking her tongue out coughing and Brian and I got scared. So as soon as Pastor gave the benediction, Brian took her outside and I started thinking about giving the epi-pen for the first time and mapping a route to the ER. She ended up being okay and we came home and had a great Easter dinner of Mayan Chicken Burgers and Guacamole and Chips. Melanie and her crew left and then Mom and Brian dug up some plants that we didn't want in our landscaping and she was going to take them home. Of course the girls felt she needed help. Mom put Landree down for her nap and then headed out. We sat down to watch her new movie and I think Brian and I passed out after 5 minutes. We went to bed early that night and then got ready for Grandma and Papaw to come.

Landree Drama

So I feel like I should start having numbered Landree Drama posts. Tuesday morning Peyton mentioned that Landree had a spot on her leg. Well I was in the middle of something else so I didn't pay attention to it until later. Well she had a lump on the inside of her thigh. I called Brian and he immediately became worried that it was a spider bite and kept calling to check every few hours. Dr. Aunt Melanie said it might be a boil. I gave her benadryl and put hydrocortizone on it and neither helped. If you pushed on it, she would scream. So Wednesday morning it was hot to the touch and I made her an appointment. By the time we got to the appointment that afternoon she was walking like a bull-rider and had developed a fever.

Her pediatrician looked at it and said that she was sure it was a staph infection and pretty sure that it was MRSA. Well I guess the look on my face said it all and she quickly told me that there was only a problem with about 10-15% of those with MRSA and we were catching it early and Landree was really healthy. She needed to culture it and so that meant opening it up. All of you moms out there know the shiver of fear that went down my back. I would rather wrestle a bear than try to hold down a strong ornery two year old. Squeezing it didn't work so she had to pop it with a needle. It was nasty and gross and now I had a really pissed off 2 year old on my hands. They brought her a blue popsicle to match her blue shirt so it wouldn't stain as bad (I love being at an office of all women) and the doctor said that she really wanted to hit it with a really strong antibiotic. I asked her if it had milk in it and her response was that it couldn't because God wouldn't do that to us because we really needed to use this particular antibiotic. So she called the pharmacist and we were cleared. Just for those who are curious- 20% of all drugs have milk in them.

I got home and watched the day befores Dr. Phil which was on MRSA and surfed the internet on MRSA and got myself a little worked up. Brian was not worked up- he was just down right scared. When the day started it looked like you had cut a golf ball in half and put on her thigh- by the end of the day it looked like you had taken a baseball and put on her thigh. So needless to say there a few tears on my part on a lot of prayers from everyone- including her big sister. We decided to just tell our family and close friends it was possibly MRSA- I didn't want my children shunned due to media hype about a superbug.

On Thursday her leg looked much better but everytime I got near her to change a diaper- she would holler, "No touch it- my bobo." She was very cranky all day. Her doctor called that night to check on her. We were very impressed that she called but it did scare us a little more that she called us at 8:30 at night to check on her.

Friday she looked great and there was still a lump there. Her doctor tried to squeeze it some but it didn't do anything. So she told me to have her soak in a warm bath and then have Brian try to pop it to get the rest of the stuff out of it and she gave us a prescription for an antibiotic cream to use on it. Well she soaked and Brian worked on it and vowed he was never going to do it again and I think the child could do anything and get away with it because Brian felt so guilty.

She is running around like her normal banshee self and only has a slight discoloration on her thigh at this point. We did get a positive staph culture back and are still waiting for the MRSA test. The antibiotic smells dreadful and we have two big bottles she has to take so we are being very religious about giving it to her. I started the week worried about my 5 year old growing up and I guess Landree put it all in perspective. I laugh because I remember when she was a baby- she was so quiet and you would just forget about her. I told Momma that I felt like I needed to stick up for her and make sure that she didn't get overshadowed by her sister. That all seems like a big joke now.

Friday, April 4, 2008


There is not a lottery and so Peyton is officially registered to be a Kindergartener at our neighborhood school- Roan Forest Elementary. YEAH!!!! Who would have thought this much drama over getting into regular public school.

Sorry I haven't posted my updates but we've had drama here. Of course it involves Landree and a doctor but I have to go get Peyton from Pre-K and I'll post all about it later.