Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Out of Shape or That Messy?

I decided to start organizing closets today. Peyton immediately started telling me how bad she felt and that she wouldn't be able to help. I vetoed that idea and then she started complaining that cleaning was so boring. We started in her room and by the time we were done, there wasn't much left in there. She has outgrown every single pair of sandals from last year. So she has crocs and sparkly shoes and since we have at least 8 months of sandal weather here, I'll be hitting up Target sandals soon. After I cleaned up 2 closets, I was nasty and had been sweating like a pig and had to take a shower. So I can't decide if I was that out of shape that cleaning closets took it out of me or that the closets in a house I have lived only 9 months were that bad. Either one is depressing so I'm just going to ignore it. It looks like a tornado has gone through both floors of my house. I'm going with the theory that it has to look bad before it can look good. Tomorrow we have dance, Peyton has school and have more clothes to clean out and wash.

Monday, January 28, 2008

We're back in Civilization

Well we made it through the weekend. On Thursday I took Landree (I lost) to get her desensitization for a flu shot and two hours later we finally got out of there. Tip for other moms- I took our dvd player and she watched Shrek for an hour and that really helped. Peyton didn't go to school again on Friday. We did go to Target just so we could get out of the house. Kacy was having a friend sleep over for her birthday and Haley and I had talked about having Abby come over here. We didn't tell the girls until we knew if our house was going to be free from quarantine or not. Haley and I made the plan and Abby was going to come over and we were going to have a picnic. Well we kind of forgot that Abby might have an opinion and she wanted to stay with the big kids. Haley asked her if she wanted Peyton to come spend the night with her and Abby did but asked if we could bring the picnic food. Doesn't she just crack you up? I don't want to know what all Kacy promised her but Abby decided to come and we all had a picnic on the living room floor for supper and watched the new Disney Movie- Minutemen. Abby curled up in Brian's lap just like Peyton. She did resist the LSU blanket for a minute but then the cold won out. The girls and Mr. B (Abby's nickname for Brian) played Hannah Montana Wii.
All I need now is the Mini-van and I will be an official soccer mom. Saturday we registered Peyton for Soccer. We then went to the Willard's for Kacy's Two-Digit Birthday Party. The girls had pizza, cake and ice cream. Peyton only ate about 3 bites of pizza and maybe half her cake and ice cream. So I knew she wasn't back to normal yet. We then loaded up to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the movie theater. The kids loved it and I have to admit it was funny and a little odd because I remember when my cousin Tiffany was little and loved Alvin so much she wanted to name her baby brother Alvin and now she has two kids of her own. Here is a link to Haley's Pictures from the Party- http://haleywillard.typepad.com/. We got home and ended up going out to Alamo Cafe with the Willard and McDonald families. We got the girls in bed at their normal time but Peyton was exhausted. Even though she was sitting all day- it was too much for her. So Brian and I decided that I would take Landree to church and he would stay home with Peyton so that she could rest up again.

Well again, nobody discussed the plans with Landree. Remember my earlier entries where I said I felt like my days seem to all boil down to poop. Well Sunday was no exception. I went in to get Landree and the stench hit me when I opened the door. She was covered in pooo. Sometime during the night she had taken her diaper off and had then pooped. It was all over her, the blankets and pillow, her crib, and she had even dropped some on the carpet. Well as you can imagine- we didn't make it to church. We had a lazy day and I went through paperwork and junk baskets and threw away 2 garbage bags full of crap. I am determined to get myself organized before spring gets here. Let's see how it goes.
When Brian and I decided to put Peyton in soccer, I made it clear to him that I knew nothing about Soccer and that he was taking the lead on it. So last night he started Brian's Soccer Camp. While I was cooking supper, Brian and Peyton started working on soccer moves. Our joke is that if Peyton can learn how to keep the ball away from Buddy that she will be a great soccer player. Landree played on the swing set. Brian taught Landree how to climb up the ladder by herself and when I finally learned how to breathe again, I took some pictures.

Peyton is doing better today. She is a little whiny still but she went back to school today and got back in the swing of things. I spent most of the day catching up on bills and all those nit-picky paperwork things that I seem to always put off. I then started my plan/list on getting the house clean and the food ready by the time everyone gets here for the Superbowl. Peyton heard me tell that to Jessica on the phone and Peyton's response was- "Oh, No, it's going to be a disaster." Thanks for the vote of confidence kid.
Peyton and I have been watching the newly revamped Miss America Pageant over the last few weeks on TLC. The actual pageant was this weekend and we were watching it tonight. One of the contestants was doing a ballet dance as her talent.
M: Peyton, you could do that when you get older
P: Do what
B: Compete in the Miss America Pageant and do a Ballet dance
P: I'm not going to be on the America Pageant, I'm going to be a Rockstar
B: Well then you need to learn how to sing then
P: Daddy, I already know how to sing- I don't have to learn
Let me know what you think of my new blog header. I'm not completely satisfied with it but I finally just had to stop playing with it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disinfect before and after reading

Well now I'll just tell you how the doctor told us today, "We are the proud owners of a positive strep test." Just fabulous as I watch Landree drink out of Peyton's cup she has stolen for the 3rd time since we have been there.

Peyton woke up this morning again with no fever and a cranky attitude. She quickly infected her sister with her cranky attitude. Peyton was complaining of a sore throat so I called into the doctor and they wanted to see her. Then she started worrying over getting a flu shot and I was beginning to wonder if she was even sick. I didn't think it was possible to have a sore throat and talk and whine and bitch that much. By 10 I had banned them both to the playroom. I had to keep refreshing tmz.com today so I could follow how Heath Ledger died and she if crazy Britney made it to court or not. You all know I am a gossip monger and since I don't have a school to gossip about I have to find something else to keep up with. After nap time, I got the girls ready and we went to the doctor for our 3:10 appointment.

Peyton got her temp taken and again it was starting to climb again. The doctor said that Peyton's tonsils were really swollen and she had a red throat. She didn't appreciate getting her throat swabbed but did like the pink popsicles that she and Landree got. Landree decided to make a hat out of a bucket and continually drop it, stand on a chair and try to take everything Peyton picked up. The test was positive and the doctor said she was surprised Landree didn't already have it and to watch her for the next few days and after 24 hours to change Peyton's toothbrushes. Of course- she just got a new expensive Tooth Tunes toothbrushes. We left there to head to Walgreens- last night Brian went to pick some refills I had called in for myself and there was a problem so Brian just told them I would be in to handle it today.

I go to pull in and realize I am the 10th car in line so I decided to go in to pick up my prescriptions and drop off Peyton's and one for Landree's Epi-pens and let Brian pick it them up on his way home. I thought I would be running in and out and just brought in my purse. Well it was no better inside. I stood in line holding the hood of Landree's jacket to keep her from playing in the shelves. I finally got up there and dropped off the new prescriptions and the kid from the Photo department tries to ring me up and it says that my prescriptions aren't covered. He then gets a pharmacy tech who can't figure it out who then gets a manager who can't figure it out. By this point, Peyton has found a book to start reading and Landree is standing on a chair walking from one to another. The manager finally comes back and decides we need to call the insurance company. While we were on the phone with them Peyton starts fussing she needs to go potty and Landree starts unloading my purse. After 1 hour in the store we finally walk out of there at 5:35. Oh did I mention that I forgot my cell phone and hadn't called Brian yet.

We get home and I try and call Brian on both of his cell phones and he doesn't pick up either. I quick called Haley and gave her the strep warning as I hear Landree scream out and Haley then asks if we were headed to the ER again- very funny. Landree had tried to play in the potty and Peyton had slammed the potty lid on her previously broken thumb. Now I have been cursing those cheap plastic toilet seats but I was grateful for them tonight. I got her calmed down and then Peyton came and got in my lap. I heard Landree scooting a stool around in the kitchen and told her to get out of the kitchen. People she came around the corner chugging a bottle of Children's Motrin and yes she had the lid off. My 23 month old had used a stool, climbed up on the counter, got the child-proof lid off the bottle and started chugging. I finally got Brian on the phone and told him he needed to take the morning off because one of us had to stay with Peyton and the other had to take Landree to get her extended flu shot and that I was going a little crazy and he might want to come home before I lock myself in my room for some peace and quiet.

Brian got home and we ate supper. This evening Landree was so cranky and fussy that I'm worried I'll be taking her in later in the week. Brian put Landree to bed and Peyton got to eat the ice cream he brought her. We're flipping a quarter to see who has to go for two hours with Landree and who gets to stay home with Peyton. I hope Peyton gets over her fever so that she can go to school on Friday afternoon because if she and I are cooped up for one solid week together one of us might not make it out alive.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mystery Fever and the Dysfunctional Family

So Peyton got a fever yesterday afternoon and I started doping her up with Tylenol. She got in our bed at 3 this morning and it was probably 4 before she finally got back to sleep. She woke up at 7:30 this morning right as rain. She played most of the day and complained a little bit about being tired and her stomach hurting. Sure enough, this afternoon the fever came back. So I doped her back up on Tylenol and gave her a Pepto for safe measure. She felt better once the Tylenol kicked in. I'm thinking about skipping dance and school tomorrow. I'll see how the morning goes.

I stayed home with the girls and Brian went to Weight Watchers without me. Our leader labeled Brian, Haley, and I a dysfunctional family a few months ago. Well the dysfunctional family has lost a member. Between the 3 of us we have lost 105 pounds and our leader told them that we have lost another person. Two good pieces of info- Haley is only 17 pounds from goal weight and in five months Brian has lost 53 pounds!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Day of Fun

Today was our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Fun. Kacy and Abby were out of school and their daycare was closed and they came to our house. So they wouldn't have to get up early, they came to spend the night with us. We finally got Landree to bed and gave the girls ice cream cones. Kacy couldn't believe that she was getting to eat ice cream that late at night- 8:30PM. She said her mom would never let her eat sugar that late. Peyton gave Abby her extra sleeping mask and down they went. Kacy went to bed in the guest room playing her Nintendo DS with instructions from her mom to turn it off at 10PM. I went upstairs at 10:30 and this is what I found:

Everyone got out of bed bright and early and the girls ate waffles and turkey bacon. I finally had to tell Kacy to stop eating bacon because I was afraid she was going to hurt herself. The fog was unbelievably thick and I was glad that none of the girls were on the road. Instead, the girls played house, watched Over the Hedge, sang High School Musical Wii, played on the Digital Arts Studio, made their own pizzas, and played Hannah Montana on the Wii. Kacy was not real thrilled that they had brought their Hannah Montana game and didn't want to play it. She thought there was only 2 songs and all you did was dance, that was until Abby played and won a few shopping bags and was told she could go shopping. Kacy got really interested then and the obsession began. They danced, shopped and got to travel around the world as Hannah Montana. They unlocked Paris and Kacy was very excited and started going shopping, here is the conversation that followed:
Kacy: Let's go shopping in Parie
Abby: Oh yeah, let’s go to Chili's
K- They don’t have Chili's in Paris, it is the number one food capitol of the world
A- Oh, that’s right they have Mexican food there
K- No they don’t they have Paris food there, Paris Rocks
Who knew Hannah Montana could teach so much.
The girls had a great day and then Peyton started complaining of a headache late this afternoon. Haley called to say she was on her way and as the girls started cleaning up, Peyton started saying that her legs hurt. Later she told me she couldn't eat supper because her tummy hurt. I went to sit with her and realized she was warm. I got the thermometer and she had a fever of 101.4 degrees. Last week Haley called to tell me Abby was puking so now it was my turn to call her and tell her my kid was sick. Brian got home and we gave her Tylenol. They were chewable so then Landree kept hollering, "Medsin, Medsin," so she got a vitamin to take. The medicine made her feel a little better and she ate a few crackers and some plain whole wheat pasta. When we put her to bed, we put the trashcan next to her just in case. We'll see how it goes tonight and tomorrow. Brian complained about his legs hurting and being really cold. I told him that I was taking care of my baby and if he got sick he might just have to call his mama.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What is that silver gray stuff?

We actually saw ice this weekend. It was 27 degrees this morning on the way to church and that is the coldest weather we have been in since we moved here. Now I know that we have all lived through colder weather than that but Brian swears it is colder here. We went to Target after church and he complained it was cold the whole time we were there. I told him that is because he has lost so much weight he doesn't have his insulation anymore.

I worked on my Disney Scrapbooking this today. Here are my first two Disney pages.

The girls helped me make Chicken and Dumplings tonight and I think more dough ended up in their tummies than our pot. Abby and Kacy came over to spend the night. They are spending the day with us tomorrow. Peyton let Abby borrow her extra sleep mask. I am going to do my best to sneak in and get a picture of that.

Everyone keep the Hubbard family in their prayers. Keith's grandmother passed away last night.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where are the jackets?

So we have been running around wearing short sleeves and capris the last few weeks and it has finally caught up with us. We woke up to cold weather Thursday morning and it hasn't let up since. Yesterday was miserable with rain. It was one of those days that all you wanted to do was stay in your pajamas, drink hot chocolate and eat warm stick to your ribs food. Well, that's pretty much what we did today. The girls stayed in their pajamas all day long and we didn't step foot out of the house.

Landree is now wanting you to read to her all the time. You hear, Mama-read, Daddy-read, a lot and don't even think about trying to put her to bed without reading to her. Every morning this week we have watched Sesame Street. Landree now knows all of the characters. My favorite is hearing her say Monstuh for Cookie Monster. She even watched Plaza Sesamo this morning- you guessed it, Sesame Street in Spanish. So I think we are definitely going to have a Sesame Street birthday. That is all I am going to say about that because it will be here one month from tomorrow and I'm not ready for my baby to be 2.

When your child's preschool teacher tells you that your child is going to be a lovely teenager you might be in trouble. Yesterday, Peyton put on the same style of socks she has always worn. She started complaining that the seam was on top of her toes and no matter how many times I told her that is how they always look, she didn't care. All the way to school she whined and complained about that seam. She then fussed when I told her to leave her sweater on while in her classroom because she was afraid she might get hot. Her teacher just laughed. Peyton is going to play soccer this spring. While watching Sesame Street she got all excited because there were kids playing soccer. She then announced that we had to go shopping. When I asked her why she informed me that she needed some of those outfits. Only my child would call soccer uniforms-outfits.

Everyone knows she sleeps with a sleep mask. Santa put new ones in the girls stockings but it always seems like we are going on a sleep mask hunt at night. Tonight I was tucking her in and she said, "Oh, No, my sleep mask." So I started hunting and she said, "Don't worry, I have an extra," and pulled her old one from under her pillow. I almost fell out. Our joke is that we are probably the only ones with a kid who uses a sleep mask every night. Now I know we are the only family that has a kid who keeps one under her pillow for that just in case middle of the night sleep mask emergency.

Grandma- expect a call from Peyton. She is mad that her daddy did her knicklepit. She is wanting to call you to tattle-tale on her daddy. She hit her hand against Brian's and her knuckle popped and she has been fighting mad ever since. She's planning to call you tomorrow afternoon.

Well we plan to go to early church tomorrow even though Peyton is lobbying for late church so she can sleep late- it has started young. I am starting to feel the need to start my Spring cleaning and organizing and should start going through the girl's closets tomorrow. Haley and I are planning a future trip to the Container Store. I'm sure the angels sing when you walk the the door of that place.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week in Review

So far we have had a semi-busy week. Monday was pretty quiet and I worked on our budget most of the day- blegh!

Tuesday we went to Princess Time at Sharkeys. One of the moms from Peyton's school got us all together. For $10 they get their makeup, hair, and nails done and get to prance around in whatever princess froufrou they can find in all the huge tubs of every possible princess item imaginable and then stand on stage and watch themselves on tv. I didn't pay for Landree but they still let her participate and I came out of there covered in hairglitter. Tuesday night Haley and I threatened to vote Brian off the island because he complained he had only lost 1/2 a pound. He's only down a measly 47 something pounds. I finally got above the 20 mark.

Wednesday- Landree has absconded with one of the laces to Peyton's tap shoes so we were almost late to dance class and we still never found it. Luckily they had extras. This was Peyton's first time in her new class and she was able to keep up. They were working on their new dance and by golly I think I might have found an outlet for her elephant memory. I was shocked at how well she remembered the dance steps- now I didn't say how well the execution was but she knew what she was supposed to be doing. I had to keep Landree away from two boys that were eating peanut butter crackers and milk and of course it was one of those families who don't believe in disciplining their children and I thought they were going to tear the place apart. The mom even said, I still bring her so that she isn't punished for having two brothers. Hey Lady, stop punishing the rest of us and discipline your kids. I had to spend most of my time biting on my teacher tongue. Haley called to let me know that poor Abby was throwing up at school and to watch out for our two since they were all together the night before. We went to look at a paint your own pottery place and that is were we are going to have Peyton's birthday party. We then had a Mama-daughters lunch out at Wendys and got Peyton to school. On the way out the M-M magnet known as Landree had one in her hand before I got to it. How in the world does she find these blasted M-Ms. I checked the mail and found a card from my former step-mother. So when Brian got home I went and walked my anxiety out on the treadmill and let him open it for me because I just haven't made it to that point yet.

Today- Brian normally leaves the house at 5:30 or so to go workout before work. Landree had an appointment with the new allergist so I planned to get up with him. Well, Brian woke me up at 7:15 this morning and we don't know what happened to the alarm. The girls and I got out in the 35 degree weather- yes you read right and made it to the doctor's office only 5 minutes late. I was much more impressed with this doctor. Brian would have loved him- he was spouting out numbers and percentages left and right. He looked at her results from her blood testing and did skin testing on her. She did not like the pricking at all and turned to drinking- water that is- Keep reading and you'll see why I might need something a little stronger.
Here was her pitiful little back after 15 minutes:

I labeled them so you could see it and for some reason the beef one doesn't look like it had a blister but it did. The histamine (which everyone should react to) wheel was 6mm X 5 mm, milk- 5X5, beef 5X5, egg- 8X6, and peanut- 9X6. So definitely still really allergic to egg and peanut and that correlates with the blood tests. He said that she is reacting more to milk than both tests would predict but that is the problem with these tests, they are indicators not predictors. And since she showed up on her blood work to beef and now her skin- he wants us to eliminate beef also. He said that he can't say for sure that she is allergic to beef but she could be developing the allergy and continued exposure will only increase it. Children's agreed with his conclusion this afternoon. WELL, CRAP. I haven't even gotten my mind around that one so I choose not to discuss that any further. She was not allergic to dogs or dust mites this time- YEAH!
He did say that the time she got diarrhea after sucking on a peanut mm (not even breaking through the shell) and then broke out in a rash all over her hiney that I thought was from a new diaper was indeed from her allergies and that the diarrhea still had enough of the allergen in it to cause skin problems. Aren't you so glad I shared that with you? He is very worried about her getting the flu with her asthma history so we go back next week and they will gradually give her little amounts of the flu shot in hopes that she won't react and can be protected. Supposedly the local health agency is predicting it will be a late nasty flu season in the next couple of months. He completely disagreed with the other doctor's recommendation with giving a 21 month old 5 chewable tablets in case of a reaction and told us to use benadryl and then epi if she starts getting respiratory issues. Overall he was so much better than the other doctor and I really liked him.
As you can see from the below picture- Peyton was less than impressed with the whole morning. She was mad that I woke her up early, that she didn't finish her breakfast because she was slow-wobbling, and that I wouldn't let her eat a snack in the allergist office.

Nice fake smile huh?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deer and Musings from Peyton

So we have lived in Louisiana- Sportsman's Paradise, Arkansas- The Natural State and now we live in Texas and it should be named the land of Deer. So far we have seen them in the green belt behind our house, dead on all the streets we drive on, in the parking lot of Peyton's school and I almost hit one right by Haley's house. For those of you that haven't been to our house. We do not live in the country or a rural area, we live in the middle of the city with 1.4 million other people. Last night I was backing out of Haley's driveway and there were three deer right there in her neighbor's yard. The girls and I sat and watched them for awhile and they just kept eating. Oh by the way, Haley lives in a gated community. Of course Peyton was trying to figure out why they were there. She thought maybe they were a family, they were lost and looking for their family and finally she said, "Mama, they are looking for someone to take care of them." Due to Kacy's latest love of deer, I have a feeling she might sign up for this job.

Me: Peyton, what do you think about having a pottery painting party.
Peyton: Mama, I want a Harry Potter 2 birthday party.
So Brian then had to explain to her the difference between pottery and Harry Potter.

Landree got into the Bath and Body Works hand soap and put about a 1/3 of the bottle on her body and hair so she got a mid-day bath and the whole house now smells of Warm Vanilla Sugar.

P- Mom, I could collect these little thingies (unpopped popcorn kernels)
M- And do what with them
P- Just for collecting- collecting is collecting things and keeping them so this is my new collection
D- Put those in the trash
P- No Daddy- I am collecting them
D- Peyton put them in the trash now
P- Okay but they are so exciting

P- Buddy's eating chocolate
M- Make him stop
P- Buddy stop, if you eat that you could get sick, you're allergic. Buddy I said stop, don't make me go get mama.

I guess we know who the enforcer is around here

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deals, Deals, Deals

Well in my quest to save money, I found way too many deals in the last few days. I was at Old Navy at ten o'clock on Friday morning to get in on their clearance specials. Everything was at least 75% off. I got Peyton things for next year since she is going to big girl school, GULP! I only found one pidally shirt for Landree, a few things for myself, and Brian made out like a bandit. Mr. Craft is now wearing size 38 pants and is very excited. I got him some dress shirts for $4.74 a piece- yeah. Brian and Peyton were trying on their clothes and I was glad that I had gotten Landree a shirt because she started stripping her clothes off and wanted to try something on. She got her shirt on and started pointing to it and telling Brian, wook, daddy, wook. She was so proud of herself. For the last two nights we have been playing High School Musical on the Wii. We have all been singing all of the songs every night. Brian likes to say that I am addicted but I sure have seen him singing a lot. I once said I was robbed when I didn't get a high score. Now everytime Peyton plays, she asks me if she was robbed.

Today Kacy and Abby came over for a few hours while Brian helped Haley and Marcus pick up a new cabinet. It felt like old times from the summer, the girls were playing house, dolls, and Wii. We all went to Alamo Cafe for lunch. Afterwards, Landree went down for a nap, Peyton went to the Willards, and Haley and I went shopping. We hit Old Navy again where they had put new things out and I got more things for Peyton for school, a few $3 T-shirts for my SAHM wardrobe, and $7.24 blue jeans for Brian. We then hit up Costco for a great deal on a toaster oven and I got two foam pop up books for Landree's birthday. Next up was Target where I picked up more Elmo diapers for the Wild Child and sure enough when we made it back to the house Brian said that she pitched a fit when she realized there were only Cinderella diapers.

At Target I experienced pure joy and almost cried in the middle of the freezer section. The guys were going to play poker at Jim's and the kids and I were going to camp out at the Willards. Haley and I were trying to figure out what the kids were going to eat tonight and we went by to look at the Kid's Cuisines and next to them were Ian's Dinners which are known for being allergen free. I picked up the box just to see and they had a TV dinner with Chicken Nuggets, corn, mashed potatoes, and a chocolate brownie that Landree could eat. I had to fight the urge to buy everyone they had. So the three big girls had Kid's Cuisines and Landree got to join in and have her first TV dinner. It was a very exciting moment for me. Of course she ate the brownie first.

With Haley's advice, I finally finished my first scrapbook page. While we were at Mawmaw's we learned that Landree could enjoy one my childhood favorites, Moonpies. When I was a kid, I remember being shocked when I saw them at a store in Shreveport because I thought they were only sold at Mawmaws. Landree is still eating the ones that Brian bought in Louisiana. Aunt Geneva said that if we can't find them here, she will send Landree a box of them and I'm sure she will. Now, I really don't want to know what is in them since they are milk and egg free. The funny thing is- Peyton does not like them. I never thought I would find a sweet that kid wouldn't eat.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Calgon take me Away- or Better Yet- My Kids

I typed this up Wednesday but somehow ended up saving it to drafts instead of posting it. After you read it, you'll understand why.

Today is has been one of those days where I loved my children but I really didn't like them that much. I got up early this morning and had breakfast ready before the girls got up. Peyton got up all smiles and so did Landree. That was until I changed her diaper. She was excited to see Elmo on her diaper and then Bert but then got ticked off because it didn't have Abby Cadabby on it. So now I have a crying toddler trying to pitch a fit because there isn't a fairy on her butt. Hey Pampers, can you work on that for her? I finally got them downstairs and eating mini-waffles that are egg and milk free- yum.

Peyton was going to preview a dance class and has been excited all week and then started getting worried that the other kids would tease her because she didn't have a dance leotard and only had a gymnastics leotard. I finally got her calmed down from that, I didn't even know she knew what teasing meant. She then informed me that she had been in the sun too long. Why, Peyton. Because my goose egg turned yellow. So then we had a discussion on how bruises change color and I just about had them out of the door when Landree started telling me yucky, yucky. Landree needed a diaper change and I put a Cinderella pull-up on her which she normally loves and runs around showing everyone Rella. Well not today, I put her in the car screaming and crying about Elmo because I didn't put an Elmo diaper on her. This should be a fun day- did I mention that I realized last night that Landree was cutting her two year molars and that is why she has been running random fevers and having more fits than normal.

We finally made it to dance class and they took her in and found a pair of tap shoes for her and away she went. I then hit the parent's room and realized that it was packed and I had forgotten Landree's cup. They had kiddie picnic tables and one kid was eating cheez-its, another cheese balls, and I couldn't even identify what the other one was eating so no table for Landree. There were more designer labels on the moms in there than in Nordstroms. I don't even want to know what Chanel sunglasses and Dior tennis shoes cost. If anyone wants to have a moment of pure enjoyment, go visit a 4 year old dance class, you can't get much cuter than that.

Afterwards, Peyton came out and told me she LOVED it and could she come back. Her teacher came up and told me that she needed to move to the next class which was the same curriculum but faster. So I signed her up and paid her recital fee and for her costume. There was a discussion on what size costume to order for her because she wears a five now but the recital is 5 months away and the owner said that Peyton had large feet for her age and that usually means she's going to be tall (In my mind I am thinking she's not a puppy). We then went next door to the dance store- 40% off the whole store- whooohooo. Trust me- there is hardly a worse place to take two girls than the dance store. Trying on 6 leotards, 4 pairs of shoes, and a toddler throwing a fit because she isn't getting new shoes was almost more than I could take. $40 later we left with a leotard, ballet shoes, and a pair of tap shoes and a still crying toddler.

I nixed the idea of going to get something notarized and should have nixed the idea of going to the grocery store. We made it through with no problem and the girls got their Buddy Bucks. Of course the Buddy Bucks machine was broken and they couldn't put in their dollars and I left another store with a crying toddler who was sobbing- buck, buck, buck. On the way home, Peyton would not stop talking. Now she thinks she knows Knock-knock jokes:

Who's there?
Peyton Who?
Peyton Craft- we then had a discussion on how this wasn't a joke because it wasn't funny.

Next one: Knock-Knock
Who's there?
Abby Who?
Abby Landree- now mama, that's funny. Lovely! Peyton do you think you could stop talking for awhile. Why Mama? Because you are talking too much right now. But mama, I love talking too much. I know.

We got home, unloaded groceries, got our supper in the crockpot and tried cutting off my finger in the process, fed the girls lunch, changed Peyton into school clothes, got a picture of Nana, Nicki the American Girl doll, and her cross necklace ready for show and tell (N week) and were out the door in less than an hour. Peyton then announces that her teachers will be so proud of her necklace because she is going to God's house with her cross necklace. She then started worrying that her friends would tease her about her necklace or not like it. So that conversation took us all the way to school. Of course Landree didn't want to leave the school and laid herself out in the doorway to express her displeasure. So again, I put a crying toddler in the car. I called Brian and told him that it was only 1:15 but I was already needing a stiff drink.

I got her down for a nap and people I think I could hear the angels singing it was so peaceful in my house. I didn't even do the laundry because I was afraid the sound of the machines would send me over the edge (good excuse huh?). After nap we picked up Abby and Kacy from daycare and went to Peyton's school where I realized that I had forgotten Peyton's leotard. So this time I put a crying 4 year old in the car. We went to gymnastics to drop off Kacy and Abby and I filled out a drop form for Peyton and left with this time two crying children. Brian actually got home a little earlier than normal and we watched Landree stuff herself on Teriyaki Beef and Rice. We got them bathed and in the bed in record time. It is now 9:15 and Brian has mentioned going to bed. I would agree but that means I would have to drag myself out of this chair and up the stairs. Do I really have to do this again tomorrow?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Short Weekend

Our weekend was not nearly long enough. The Willard family went to a Razorback basketball game in Dallas yesterday and Sophie came to stay with us. Landree had two dogs in the house and she was in heaven. They kept constant vigil when she ate just hoping she might drop a crumb or two.
San Antonio houses on average have the smallest garages I have ever seen. In Little Rock we had a huge garage with storage on all three sides. We've been here 8 months now and we still don't have a car in the garage. Brian picked up three more ceiling shelves and spent most of the evening installing those yesterday. He did take a break for homemade pizza and to give the girls a bath. They are so happy to be able to take baths together again. That was the only bad part about Landree having a cast.

We went to early church this morning and when we got home we started taking down all of the Christmas decorations. Landree was not a happy camper at all she got upset when Peyton and I started taking the ornaments off the tree. We finally got it all down and packed away and Brian got it loaded on the new shelves. We had planned to eat leftover pizza for lunch. I had the girls all ready and couldn't find ours and asked Brian where he had put it. We soon realized that Sophie must have eaten last night, no wonder she wasn't interested in her dog food. You can tell we aren't used to having a tall dog around here. It ended up working out and we just ate hot dogs instead and saved more points for fajitas at supper. Maybe we should keep her around- she is good for dieting. Brian spent the rest of the day working on the garage so that maybe my suburban can get in there one day. I spent the rest of the day recovering my downstairs from Christmas. I eventually finished and started working on my first scrapbook page from our Disney trip. The Willards came and got Sophie and we are planning to get back in the swing of things tomorrow. Just from experience there will be a lot of grumpy kids and teachers tomorrow.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Four Year Old's Viewpoint

Peyton is really starting to crack me up while I watch her discovering the world. She is starting to say things that are on the edge of being cheeky but it really is just her trying to figure things out. As most everybody knows- she is the ultimate drama queen and is a bit of a whiny-hiney. Right before Christmas we were leaving the Willards house and she was upset we were leaving and proceeded to whine and cry all the way home. I told her that if she didn't stop she was going to get a spanking. She looked at me with the most curious face and said, "How are you going to do that- I'm buckled in?" My first thought was to tell Brian to pull over but then it dawned on me that she wasn't being a smart butt- she was really trying to figure that one out.

Yesterday, she was pitching a fit because she was having to clean the playroom that she had messed up. I told her that if she did not stop crying she was going to get a spanking and go get in her bed (are you noticing a pattern here?). Peyton's response- Will I still have to clean the playroom? That child was really considering getting the spanking in order to avoid cleaning that playroom.
Haley gave me some nightgowns she had bought a few months ago and has outgrown. Yeah for Haley and for me. It is really great motivation for me. I don't know what I look like, but I do know what Haley looks like so it is neat to have clothes that either fit or don't and then I have a goal to work towards. Last night I was snuggling with Peyton in her bed and reading her a chapter out of her American Girl Nicki book. I realized that she was sniffing me. She looked up and asked, "Mama, is that Ms. Haley's shirt?" Why do you think that Peyton. "Because it smells like Abby and Kacy's Mom." Of course I had to get on messenger with Haley and share that she has a distinct enough smell that even a four year old notices it.

For her fourth birthday last March, she got a new bike. That is the only time that bike has been riden because she fell off and wouldn't get back on it. So today we put her on the bike to get her going again. Her helmet wasn't fitting right but we stuck it on her head and went on because it was an 80 plus degree day in January and we were going to enjoy it. She was successful and finally started riding it herself.

Landree wasn't just happy with her tricycle and ended up on her four-wheeler and both of Peyton's bikes.

Peyton was very hesitant on her bike and I got her going because I would tell her that she couldn't catch me and of course her competitive nature kicked in she had to chase me. She even started yelling, "You better run Mama, I'm going to catch you." She then chased Brian for awhile and then it went South. She started headed downhill towards the curb and didn't slow down and at the last minute tried to turn and she crashed. Her forehead hit the curb and gave her quite a goose egg. Brian put Landree down and went running. Landree went berserk and started hollering, "Peypey, Peypey." It ended up taking longer to get her calmed down than Peyton. Keeping ice on a four-year olds head is not easy so I designed a system involving a ziploc of frozen peas, a paper towel and two headbands. We made a bed for her on the couch:

Of course Landree had to join her. Can you tell we like fleece blankets and pillows? Remember it was over 80 degrees here today. I mentioned getting her a new helmet and Peyton quickly informed us that she was not getting back on that bike and she wanted a new one. I convinced her that Daddy would work on the seat of hers and she should be fine.

Our neighbors got a trampoline and invited Peyton over so of course she was no longer injured. She had a great time over there with Britney.

During bathtime tonight, Brian forgot about the bump when washing her hair and all hell broke loose. I am not going to worry about her expressing her feelings because after Brian and she had gone back and forth for awhile I heard her say, "Daddy, you have made me sad and hurt my feelings." When I was drying her off she told me that her Daddy had hurt her zit. She meant goose egg and kept calling it zit for the rest of the night. She then showed me the bruise on her hip and told me that her hip bone was broken and she was going to need a walking stick or a wheelchair. Brian quickly informed her that after all of the jumping she had done on the trampoline that he thought she was going to be okay. I'm just glad there wasn't another ER visit involved, no need in that CPS file getting any larger.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Landree is the toughest kid I know

The title says it all. She got her cast removed today without a single tear. Her thumb was bothering her some. Now she made it through blood being taken twice, three holes drilled into her thumbnail, two casts being put on, and one being removed by a saw and the only times she cried was taking the band-aid off her arm, taking her medic alert bracelet off, and getting her thumb x-rayed today. The tech that took her cast off couldn't get over how much of a big girl she was and he made her a present.

It is her cast with the fabric taken out and put back together and rewrapped and made into a piggy bank. She has packed it around all day- even in Target. Peyton even took money out of her own piggy bank to put in Landrees. I love sister moments.

While we were in Target- Landree spied her newest obsession-
Abby Cadabby- she is Elmo's new best friend. All of Target knew Landree had found Abby Cadabby yesterday. I always knew she was soulmates with Jayce Carter. His favorite was Elmo. What is it about these wild children and Sesame Street characters. Of course it might have something to do with our friend's daughter Abby who I watched over the summer.

Brian and Peyton had a battle of wills tonight over supper. We had grilled chicken, steamed sugar snap peas, and a flavored brown rice, barley and oat concoction- I know aren't we adults now. Brian got her to eat some and she barfed and had to go to bed early. I'm not sure who won that one. It just made me think about my lovely adults only dinner last night with the Willards at Paseanos. Landree ate all of her supper and even had a second serving. She got a Toffutti (code for fake) Chocolate Popsicle. Note to self- don't let her have this so late again. Half and hour later Buddy was ready to cry uncle when she kept bopping him on the back saying "duck, duck." Peyton taught her to play duck, duck, goose. I was trying to get her pjs on her and then found her naked climbing the stairs trying to find Peyton. Where was my camera when I need it?

My days are now numbered. Last night, I found our school district's calendar for next year. Something about seeing it in print and realizing that it was Peyton's school calendar threatened to send me over the edge. Let's just say that come August, Cathy, Melanie, and I might all be sharing prescription drugs. Between that and the thought of Landree potty training may make me check in to that nicely landscaped mental health center I passed today when I was taking Landree to the doctor.
Okay so Brian has decided to grow some facial hair. Here is the beginning stages. He wants to take a vote to see if people think he should keep it. I will take some pictures this weekend to see if it thickens up. So leave me a comment on what you think. I hope this isn't the start of a mid-life crisis.

Well, I had planned to do my Christmas recap blog today, but Haley let me in on this new message system called Hello where you can share pics and chat at the same time and I spent all evening playing with it instead of blogging. Ms. Marilyn if you are reading this, I hope you are recovering well.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Landree's ER Visit- #2

Okay so I haven't posted in awhile but I have been overwhelmed with the holidays and my 22 month old. So here is the biggest thing that happened in our house in the last two weeks. On Monday the 18th, Peyton was wanting some "Peace in the Potty." She shut the door and got Landree's thumb in it. It immediately started turning purple and she would not calm down. After a call to the pediatric nurse, we loaded up, dropped Peyton off at the Willards (thank goodness), and headed to the ER. Our second visit to the ER, our last one was Monday, September 17th when Peyton was giving Landree a boost and Landree ended up getting her eyebrow glued- Is anyone seeing a pattern here? So here is the run down.

Monday- ER trip- x-ray and it's not broken and the ER doctor said we didn't have to drain it now but if half of the nail turned purple we would need to go to the pediatrician to get it drained.
Tuesday- Woke up and of course the nail was 3/4 purple, called the ped office and the nurse said to bring her in. Pediatrician looked at it and had one of her partners look at it and they decided that risking an infection was far worse than the risk of not draining it because what 22 month old would keep something on her thumb and they stick their hands everywhere.

Wednesday- Still funky and starting to swell more

Thursday- She woke up at 2:00AM and told me "Mommy OOwwwieee" For future note- Motrin just hypes her up. I finally got her down at about 4:30. She woke up that morning at a decent time and it just looked horrible. I took a picture of it to send Dr. Aunt Melanie and as I was loading it, the pediatrician's office called to check on her. They called me back and told me she needed to go to a hand specialist. After the first 3 told me no, when the fourth one asked me if I could be there in an hour, I took her up on it. Brian met us there and they x-rayed it and it was broken and they then put 3 holes in the nail and she left there with a pink cast. There was not one single tear, the only time she got upset was when we took her medic alert bracelet off. The doctor and PA couldn't get over how good she was. All of this happened in less than an hour. I had packed several snacks thinking we would be there all day since we were worked in but I was wrong. Here are some pictures of her first cast:

Friday- When I say first cast- many of your are thinking- oh this is her first cast ever. Nope- that was her first cast in less than a day. I went to get her out of her crib this morning and she didn't have a cast on. "Landree, where is your cast?" "There," as she points across the room. Not only had she pulled it off but she had chunked it across the room. A call to the PA and off we go to get a second cast in less than 24 hours. This one is between her arm and elbow and she had a few crying fits today because she couldn't get it off.

She has done really well with the cast and she has continued on like normal. Besides clocking us a few times with it, the only trouble it brings is at bathtime. She hates getting the bag over her arm and taking a bath in the sink.

We go tomorrow to have the cast taken off. Hopefully they don't need to put another one back on. I am a little worried to see what that thumb looks like. Her cast is getting a little funky especially today when I see her trying to stick a pretzel down the opening in the thumb. Who knows what might fall out of that thing when they open it up. If the world goes according to my plan, I will give a full post on our holiday tomorrow. However, when you are the mom to the Wild Child- you plan, God laughs.