Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Betty "freakin" Crocker

I have become one of those women. I should have known it was coming. My friend Jessica called me Betty "freakin" Crocker because I was making dumpling dough from scratch earlier this week. I just ignored her and went on about my business. This afternoon I got a sweet craving and had nothing with refined sugar in it. I'm trying to keep it out of the house because I'm going to start knocking over small children when I turn if my butt gets any bigger. I got the bright idea to look in my egg-free, nut-free, milk-free cookbook (sad I know). Within 20 minutes the girls and I had chocolate cookies in the oven. I realized I have become one of those women not only did I think oh- I can just bake something but I actually had all of the ingredients for several desserts in the cookbook. There goes the will power- might as well go ahead and put my order in at Omar's Tent and Awning for my summer wardrobe.

The girls were ready to help.

But of course you know their favorite part was licking the beater and spatula. Landree figured out that all good things were in the mixing bowl. She would screech wanting more of it. (Don't my new mixer and blender look nice? Thanks Daddy and girls it was a great Mother's Day.)

We will definitely be making more of these cookies they were great. Peyton felt like Landree needed hers broken up. She is really becoming a great big sister. Yesterday she gave her one of her babies just because it made her so happy.

Can you tell we had spaghetti tonight? Brian got a call at 11:00 last night and ended up going into work. He didn't get home until 3:30 this afternoon. I should have thought about that before I fixed spaghetti for supper. Wrangling these two up the stairs and into two different baths (thanks to molluscum) without getting spaghetti or chocolate on anything should have been a two man job but I got it done.

Peyton asked Brian what kind of problem they had at work. He told him they messed up some people's money. She of course asked the standard Why. Then we fell out when she said, "Did you tell them you were sorry for messing up their money." Then she got into telling us how she didn't have enough pennies, quarters, and dollars in her piggy bank. Oh my, doesn't it start young.

Morning naps might be coming back

Landree stopped taking morning naps a few weeks ago. We might need to bring them back. This is the second day she has fallen asleep at lunch. Keeping up with sister is taking its toll on her. Peyton, Landree, and Buddy played together for over 30 minutes today. At least they got along for that 30 minutes and nobody was crying over a toy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Being a Toddler is tough

Being 15 months is such a hard life. No one understands what you want, everybody takes all of the good things away from you, and you can't walk all the way across the room without falling on something. It is so tough that you can't even finish your sunbutter and jelly sandwich and pretzel chips without passing out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Next time someone hears me mention that I am planning to take two children for check-ups and vaccinations at the same time- hit me in the head. The new pediatrician's office was great- I don't think the girls have ever gotten such a detailed check-up. However, a four year old who hates shots does not correlate to a good day. I think the people on the floors above us and below us probably heard her. We finally got out of there after 2 hours exhausted. A trip to McDonalds as a treat and whoohoo Peyton got one of the Shrek triplets as a toy. Landree has been very fussy all day. Peyton has not stopped talking. Brian thinks that they injected a talking serum into her. She refused to let us take the band-aids off and went hysterical when we suggested it. She got to pick dinner for the night and lucky I know my daughter because she picked chicken and dumplings and I already had the chicken out to thaw. She helps me roll out the dough and I am not sure how much flour and dough she eats compared to what goes into the pot. I had a little left over so she spent a long time rolling it out.

Of course her favorite part- eating it.

After all of the hysterics, she couldn't fall asleep tonight and guess who peeled off all her own band-aids. All that crying and fit throwing and she did it on her own.

Anybody reading- keep Pawpaw in your prayers. He is having a heart cath tomorrow.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Repair & Beauty Shop

Our Satellite has not been working correctly since we moved in. So they sent us a new one that Brian tried to put in today. Peyton was in charge of reading the directions.

Then she got tired and needed a rest.

After looking at Landree, we might know what happened to the original. I don't think cords have stood up to the test of toddler slobber.

They both had to help inspect the area. How could Daddy do anything without all of this help?

Sorry about the white spot on the pictures, I had a spot on the lens.

Peyton loves my new bathtub. She wants to take all baths there instead of her own. Her new thing is beauty shop with Landree. The only place Landree will stay still long enough for her to do it.
I'll post tomorrow on how the girls pediatrician appointment goes.


It has been an interesting weekend around here. On Friday afternoon, several of the neighborhood kids and moms met up in a driveway and watched the kids play. My guess is when you live on the face of the equator, you better do it while you can. Brian watched the Spurs game with the new neighbor so we are starting to get to know everyone. We have just found out that another friend from Little Rock is moving here to work for USAA. So we will have two other families here we know.

We had someone come into to seal all of our tile and grout on Saturday. We had planned to just alternate between the game room and our room until he told us that we would have to be off of it for 2-5 hours. 2-5 hours without a bathroom was out of the question. So we loaded up the girls and left the house. We ended up going to see Shrek the third and Landree made it through the movie. We realized that all food has to be taken for the family because you know that movie butter gets on everything. Thank goodness I had a lot of snacks because Landree ate through the entire movie. We did some shopping for the house, we may never get this house filled.

Landree found the cheerios box today and provided a nice little snack for her and Buddy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beads and Puzzles

Peyton has become a fiend for red beans and rice day. Not for the red beans and rice but for the sausage. She sits and waits for me while I slice the sausage so I can give her handouts. She said, "Mama, one is about to fall off the cutting board so I can eat it." Of course I asked her how she knew that. "My body just knows these things." She only likes the sausage when it is cold not cooked. That is pretty much how she wants most things these days. She wants cold pizza, bread not toasted, she even tried to convince me that raw chicken wouldn't make her sick. Pickiness is the name of the food game. She refuses supper 2-3 times a week because she doesn't like what we are having. Of course I make sure there is something she likes on there but she still refuses. Brian and I are sticking to our guns and won't fix something else for her. She defiantely is ready for breakfast the next morning. She asked for a puzzle at Wal-Mart the other day (whoohooo I found the Wal-Mart and then found my way back home). I bought her a 100 piece puzzle that might have been too much. At least that is what Daddy told me. Don't they have the same look on their faces.

Landree loves Mardi Gras beads. Daddy thinks that she is going to be his tomboy. However, she walks around here with beads around her neck, a tiara on her head, and packing Peyton's purses. Of course we have no clue what we are going to do with that hair. As you can see in the picture, it is starting to get a little out of control.

We are starting to get more acclimated to the area. I can make it to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and find my way back home. We did find out that friends from Little Rock are moving here this summer so very exciting for us. Peyton is thrilled to have the girls here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Superheros and Princesses

Today I have supergirl in the house. She is dashing around in a cape (baby blanket by Aunt Cherrye) and asking, "Are you in trouble? Do you need help from a Superhero? Are the bad guys attacking you?"

Of course what superhero would be complete without her sidekick: Supermandog Buddy.

Landree is struggling to keep up with Peyton. She has carried this water cup with her all day. She couldn't figure out how to climb the stairs with it so she walked over and solved her problem. I think I might need to wash it before she uses it again.

Thomas and Brittany visited our house for the first time. Poor Thomas had to make do with what we had for his superhero cape. Luckily he has two sisters and has gotten used to it. Brittany is only 5 days younger than Peyton. I see a friendship here.