Monday, August 27, 2007

Craft's Law

I am now renaming Murphy's Law to Craft's Law. Brian was hosting his Fantasy Football group tonight and I had offered to cook appetizers for them. I know they could have ordered pizza quicker but I like to do it. My goal was to have everything ready about 6-6:30 and the girls and I would retire upstairs. Well that was until Landree stepped in.

I had my day mapped out and was right on schedule put them down for a nap and scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floor- that or laundry has to be the worse part of this new job. I sprinkled some carpet stuff that came with my new Dyson on my high traffic areas and ran upstairs to take a shower. Came back down in the allotted time and started vacuuming away. I kept going over what I thought was a string and realized it was red marker. The same red marker I had cleaned off Landree earlier today. So thirty minutes later I had most of the marker out of the carpet. Hear Landree and go to get her. I open the door and was hit with a stench and my first thought was, oohh I need to take the trash out in here and next thought was I already did that today. Then I look over and there is the prettiest little face saying, "tinty, tinty Mama." That is Landree code for stinky and there she was in all her glory with a shirt and no diaper on and yes you guessed it, poopoo everywhere and no grandparents, I didn't take a picture. After 20 minutes of cleaning, I shut the door and declared that company couldn't go in that room. So I am now a good 45 minutes to an hour off schedule. Company started coming in about 6:00 and the girls were dashing in and out of men. I couldn't get my hot wings to fry and the breading to stay on them so I gave up. I finally got done about 7:15 and took the girls upstairs to eat on the game room table. I then had to just about drag Peyton to bed of course she wanted to stay up until the company left. The men left by 9 and as I sit here, my husband is cleaning the kitchen. Now he keeps asking me where things go but hey life can't be too bad.

Peyton funny- yesterday she was helping me clean their bathroom. I use the Clorox wipes and she always gets one too. I then had to go get a baby wipe for Landree to help (was not about to trust her not to eat the clorox wipe). Peyton started talking about the football party as she called it and asked if the men were bringing lights, huh? no mama lives, huh? finally she said, their womens are they bringing their womens. Wives- gotcha. It's so unusual for her to make word mistakes that I have to enjoy it while I can.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we went to Chili's with the Willard and McDonald families. The waiter definitely had a look on his face when we told him we were both tables- one of kids and one of adults plus Landree and oh we would be 3 separate checks between the 2 tables. I love going to Chilis because they have a plain grilled chicken breast and veggies on the kid's menu for Landree and they have all of their allergen info online. Afterwards we went to the Willards to play dominoes. My first time to play and I won the first game. I should have known it was just beginner's luck. I stunk the other twelve rounds.
On Saturday, Haley, Lee and I took the four girls (Landree stayed with Daddy) to Sharkey's Cuts for Kids. So far I have gotten Peyton's haircut once in San Antonio and it cost me about $20. At this place you could get the glamour package that included a mini-cure and mini-pedicure and style for $30. So we decided to do it for the girls as a good luck with the school year. The girls had a blast and the place was really neat and even had computers and a Wii set up. The other girls all had straight hair and so part of the package was a style so they curled their hair. Next thing I know, our stylist was asking if I wanted Peyton's curled up or down. Now people, have you seen her hair recently, we would have been their all day just trying to get it dry let alone curled, so instead she put clips in Peyton's hair. Peyton thought these were the best ever. She had already worn a skirt so she could twirl and the clips just added to it. We got about an inch and half cut off but she stacked it a little bit and it is curling so much more that it looks several inches shorter.
After lunch we went to McAlister's Deli next door. I am so used to skipping certain menu items that after I told Peyton her choices, I had to go back and tell her that PB&J was an option. Of course she jumped on that. It was really neat for her to get to eat peanut butter for a change. I just loved getting to eat with two other adults and it was nice to not have to hover over Landree and make sure she is not eating off other plates. We then went to The Shops at LaCantera. We have now entered the clothes that are not Cutesy anymore. We have hit Big Girl Clothes and let me tell you people, I am not ready for them. Peyton got into it and thought that if it had a four on it, she should get it. We did pick up some new outfits for school.

Brian put new brakes on his truck and put new brackets on my hatch. For some reason one went out and I was having to hold the hatch to get into my trunk. Imagine Grocery shopping with four girls and having to hold the hatch open to unload your groceries. He got the air filters in the house changed Yuck! Isn't it amazing how nasty those can get. With a return vent in each bedroom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he saw how much 2 unit vent filters and 6 return vent filters cost. Tomorrow night he is hosting the end of the Fantasy Football draft at our house. I offered to cook food so I spent the afternoon getting that ready. So the girls and I will be banned to the upstairs. I'm not complaining because that upstairs sure is a nice place to be- Got a fridge up there- Huh, maybe I need a microwave too. The girls and I could stay up there indefinitely.

My Girls

My girls are leaving me. Friday was the last day that I had Kacy and Abby. They are starting school on Monday. We made pizza today and played with Aquadots. I have loved having them here. Peyton and Landree won't know what to do without them. Here they are eating their last meal. Buddy was underneath the table waiting for handouts as normal.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fat Butt/Shoot Me Now/Tomboy?

Well I have decided to do something about my fat butt. On Wednesday night, Brian, Haley and I went to Weight Watchers. Yes you read right, Brian too. Haley was his work wife at Fidelity and it took both of us to keep him straight. Now we gain up against him quite well. So we are trying WW again. Going in was like going to your old High School again. It was familiar and you know what to do but then again you would rather go screaming down the street half-naked than go through that again. Most things are the same but it still is a little different. However the thing that cracks us up the most is that the directions tell you it is behind Whataburger and then it is next door to Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins- Fat girl heaven next door to Weight Watchers. Isn't life hilarious. So what do two people who just paid to lose weight and have a happy face leader tell them how great it is going to be go do- eat McDonalds of course. Of all the great places here- we go eat McDonalds as our last meal. Speaking of Leaders we have to go find a different meeting. While the receptionist loved us and told us we were going to bring life into the meeting- Okay I'll take that as a compliment, the leader should have been named Cheerleader and she only lost 25 pounds and has kept it off for 12 years. Whoopee! I want some former fat ass as my leader. Not some skinny butt that ate a few extra doughnuts one day. So we'll try a different meeting next week. The kicker is the number of points we get. I get 28 points, Haley gets a few less but Brian gets 42 freaking points a day. Needless to say Haley and I were not happy. I informed him real quick he better eat those extra points before he gets home and not to save them all for the evening to where I have to watch him eat. I was so grumpy when Brian got home last night- well he said it was a little more than grumpy but I'm sticking with grumpy. I soon realized that I had not had any sugar all day and you all know I am a sugarholic. So I had a little sugar and got in a better mood. Only to have to deal with Fantasy Football.

Okay SHOOT ME NOW- Fantasy Football has started. Somehow, Brian has ended up in Four leagues this year. One has an automated draft and is free- no big deal. He is still in his league from last year that he shares with his old manager-Chris- that draft is next week and is done by email. He is supposed to have his San Antonio draft here at the house Monday. Then we get a call from my beloved Brother-in-Law (can you hear the sarcasm). He needed someone for his league. So starting at 7 last night, Brian started the draft with Brad's league. So we spent supper last night with Brian on the phone making his picks and talking bad about others and hearing Brad on the other end. Then for someone reason they started drafting early on his other league so of course he ended up needing to pick for both teams at the same time. My advice- always go with the LSU player. We all know Brian gets riled up about things and this is doing nothing for his blood pressure and he was on the home phone, texting and emailing all at the same time. So now I get to look forward to the pure craziness until January. I'm willing to take bets that Brian will even be checking his stats while we are at Disney World.

Ok so several people have decided Landree is going to be a tomboy. I'm not convinced. Now the hair is a little on the wild side. But here she is with Peyton's slippers and purse. She loves a purse and shoes. She sometimes comes through with a tiara on.

She also now tells you Bye-bye when she leaves a room. The girls are calling her Little Mama.

Chicken Cops

Well I had pork chops set out for Monday's dinner. I should have grilled or baked them to be healthy but I just had a hankering for fried pork chops. I have never cooked them in my life because Daddy would always make them for me. So I called Mawmaw and she told me how to make them. Well Peyton loved them. She said that the chicken sure was good. I had to tell her that it wasn't chicken that it was pork chops. Well we called Mawmaw to tell her how good they were and Peyton got on the phone to tell her how good the Chicken Cops were but she didn't like the potatoes and onions. Landree on the other hand had two servings of potatoes and onions and pork chops.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The girls came shouting that Landree was pretty stinky. Of course I usually have an audience when I change Landree's diapers and the girls know they are going to be dirty ones. They like to know ahead of time to see if it is worth sticking around for the show. Today was an odd day because only Abby stuck around for the changing.

Abby: Oh that is so stinky
Me: Abby you used to do this do
A: I know so did Kacy
M: Actually Abby you still do just not in a diaper
A: Huh
M: Abby everyone goes poopoo you just go in the potty and not in a diaper anymore
A: No I don't
M: Yes you do
A: No I don't, except for on Wednesdays
M: Okay Abbs (trying to keep a straight face)

So either Abby didn't understand what I was talking about or she has other issues. I have decided I'm not going to investigate any further

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Everyone knows that Landree has fair, sensitive skin. The dermatologist has said that we should keep her out of the sun as much as possible and keep her in hats. Well has anyone else tried to keep a hat on a toddler. I almost didn't even take this hat with us to our last Sea World trip because she has refused to wear it. Guess what, she wore it for most of the day.

Might not happen again, but at least we kept her protected for one day.

Uncle Brad Visits

Uncle Brad decided to come visit and he was bringing his new girlfriend Megan. Peyton decided that she wasn't going to like Megan. The green-eyed monster got ahold of her and she didn't want to share her Uncle Brad with anyone else, Landree and Maddie is enough for her. She of course was fine once she met Megan. We had a great time while they were here and were sad to see them go.


San Antonio is known for droughts. During the summer you can usually only water your yard one day a week. This summer, it rained for over 30 straight days. Peyton has developed a little fear of all of the storms. Being the good big sister she is, she took means to protect herself and her baby sister.

Sea World Part 2

Landree's favorite animals are the Sea Lions and this is her favorite part of the show. When Clyde hollers- she hollers back.
Landree was finally able to fall asleep. However, unlike all of these other kids that we see sacked out for hours. Ours only recharges for about 30 minutes.

I snuck in both girl's rooms that night and they were sacked out with their Shamus.

Sea World- Part 1

Now that we live in San Antonio, we have a few luxuries that we didn't have, the main one being Sea World. Season Passes are pretty cheap and the girls love it.

Peyton's favorite ride is Journey to Atlantis. It is a huge water ride and she loves it. Can you see her and Brian in the back?

Peyton's favorite animal is Shamu of course.

Who would have guessed that a girl in a stroller could have so much fun.




Attack of the hives

So we have had 3 pediatric allergists tell us that they thought Landree had outgrown or was in the process of outgrowing her allergy to milk. Well, she got ahold of her sister's empty milk cup and got hives from just contact. Needless to say, I think the milk allergy is here to stay for awhile. As you can imagine, I didn't get much sleep that night.

Taj Mahal

Brian and Papaw have put the girl's playset together. We are jokingly calling it the Taj Mahal. The box said it should take two average skilled workers 15-16 hours. It took them 26 hours without getting the roof put on. They put it on next time they came to visit this summer. The girls just love it.

I apologize

Okay, so it has been over 2 months since I have blogged. I'm going to blame it on pure craziness. Two sets of friends from Little Rock have moved down also. So with the friends we had here from Brian's travels, other Louisiana transplants and our friends from Little Rock, we have got a great group of friends. I have been watching Marcus and Haley's two girls since they got here in July. Kacy is 9 and Abby is 5 and my girls have loved it. Being one of two girls and raising two girls, it is fabulous to watch these two girls and know that is what my future is going to be like. They will start school on Monday and I will probably cry like they are my own.

Landree is now 18 months- can't believe it! She had her checkup today and was 25 pounds (50th percentile) and 33 inches (90th percentile). She was in great health. I did get tickled when the doctor put her tongue depressor on her bottom lip and she immediately opened up and said "AHHHH." The doctor was shocked and did it two more times just to see if she would do it. She also said that she thinks Landree doesn't talk a lot because she has an older sister to take care of it and because Landree doesn't wait for things- she just goes and gets it. I really liked this pediatrician and I think we will stick with her.

I'll catch up on some pictures and post some they I have meaning to over the summer.