Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank heavens for school

The girls both woke up about 45 minutes early and crawled in the bed with me this morning. For some reason I thought I might get to sleep until the alarm went off but of course that didn't happen. They poked and bugged each other. I then heard Peyton say, "Landree, you should treat others like you would like to be treated." Landree's response, "Ok, I'm going to treat you like a donkey."

Well people as you can imagine it just went down downhill from there. I got Peyton out the door and to school and Landree is now "illegally" playing Peyton's DS. It's a short moment of peace and quiet and I'm going to take it. It's days like these that I am thankful that I have the opportunity to send at least one of them to school.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Back from Hiatus- Kid pics of course

I haven't posted on this blog in quite awhile. I've kept up with Facebook but the blog seemed too overwhelming. I survived the hottest summer in San Antonio history with the worst 24 hour a day morning sickness of my life. We did find out that we are having a baby boy in December so there is a level of excitement in this house.

So today is Peyton's First Day of First Grade. We started the day off with Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Bacon. Yes I know that is not the best of breakfasts but I only make it on the first day of school and on her birthday and every other day she has normal much less sugary meals- unless Daddy makes it. Now any of you who knows me as a mom knows I have some control issues. I am trying to work on that and let Peyton pick her own outfit for the first day of school. She even picked her own shoes and hairstyle and bow. While it is a cute dress and I even bought it, I would have probably picked something a little more practical for the first day. But she didn't want to wear what Brian and I picked out or any of the rest of our fashion suggestions so we just let her run with it. She was very excited but you can tell here she is nervous by how she's grasping her hands.

And since I failed to post pictures of all of her lost teeth, here are two close-ups. She has lost 6 teeth (4 of those this summer) and only 2 have come in. She pulled two out within ten minutes while waiting in the car at HEB one Sunday a few weeks ago.

Landree wanted music for her ride to school. She has had a few crying spells around not wanting her sister to go back to school
We started our walk to school and I asked her to stop and look back so I could take her picture. Her response was, "Really Mom."

Grandma- I put this picture up for you. she looks just like Brian when he gets uneasy and starts licking his lips.

She finally gave it up when I told her we weren't moving until she cooperated
Are you noticing all the drought ridden grass. We've had 25-26 inches of rain since September 2007 and are on water restrictions.

Normally when you visit school, they scan your driver's license and print out a sticker with your picture and name and where you are cleared to visit- to have full access to the school as a parent, you have to have a background check. Normally they wave this procedure for the first day of school. Well they must have been told that security was more important this year because they decided to make all the parents sign in today and failed to warn us. So when we came around the corner, this is what we sawWe got closer and realized there was not just one line but there was also a second line on the other side of the building. We knew we would be there awhile. And this was about 25 minutes before the first bell rang so needless to say the line just got much longer behind us. You gotta know that last week there were 1191 students enrolled so it's a lot of parents.

I did try to get her to go to the flowers and pose for a picture but the sun was in her eyes and she didn't cooperate. In the background you can see one of the playgrounds and the canopies the PTA put over a some of the play equipment last year. Since today is supposed to be our 55th day over 100 degrees this summer and there is no relief in sight, I'm sure thankful they are there for this school year. After over 30 minutes in line we finally got into the building. She saw her Kindergarten teacher in the hallway and got to say hi to her and then we were off to her room.

Luckily we had met her teacher and had gotten all her school supplies put away last Friday night at Open House. She is very excited that she now has a desk and not just a table. We got her settled, gave her a kiss and a hug, took a picture, and left our baby in the hands of a stranger. Yes I know I was that stranger to other parents for many years but it still doesn't make me feel better today.

We made the walk back home, kissed Brian bye, and I'm now trying to get things accomplished with Landree in my lap. She's a little extra clingy so I might have to spend extra time snuggling today- oh the horror-hehe.