Monday, March 31, 2008

8 Days and my Momma Heart has had enough!!!

In the last eight days Peyton has become 5 YEARS Old, pranced around in her first-ever dance recital costume and I was told she would need make-up for it, had her first soccer practice, went fishing for the first time, had her first sporting event- soccer game, I registered her for Kindergarten, and tonight she went to Kindergarten Roundup where they announced orientation for the fall and had the school supply list ready- UGGHH. My momma heart can not take much more and it doesn't help when you try to buckle your newly independent two year old into her carseat and she starts screaming, "NO- I do it, I do it." I am not one of these mothers who doesn't want her children to grow up- I do look forward to them reaching new milestones and am so proud of them when they do. But crap- does it all have to happen in 8 days? I started looking at the pictures of her from the soccer game last night and teared up because she looked so big and I was thinking of 5 years ago I was home with this little helpless newborn who is now tearing up and down the soccer field. Maybe because it is a chunk of time- 5 years- I like to measure time in chunks like- 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 years and I think that the chunk of 5 years is harder than their first birthdays. Tonight I got her ready to go the Kindergarten Roundup and she was bopping through the kitchen and Brian and I looked at each other and didn't even need to say a word because we were both thinking how old she looked. I asked him, "Does it just seem to be all of a sudden?" He said I had done something because she didn't look that old yesterday.

So I got her registered at school today- it took over an hour and I'm not so sure that I didn't sign my firstborn over to them. I can't believe that come August she will hopefully be there with 1059 other kids (and we one of the smaller area elementary schools). We are still not sure that she will be going there. The school is capped and can't accept new students. Normally they make it through early registration before they fill up and then reach capacity as the summer goes on. They are preparing to maybe reach capacity this week and if they have more kids register for Kindergarten than spots then they will hold a lottery Monday night. They have 176 spots and 77 kids registered before lunch today. Let's just pray that everyone came early and that these numbers don't hold true for the rest of the week.

Peyton didn't want to go tonight and got nervous. She got to see the cafeteria and then we went into a classroom and heard a presentation from 2 of the 8 K teachers. We took her by the library and she was excited to know that she was going to have a library like Kacy and Abby do. She was worried about not having a playground and we took her by and she was very impressed that they have 2 playgrounds and let me tell the one has some of the biggest and probably most expensive equipment I have ever seen. I told Brian when we got home- we aren't in Kansas anymore. So everyone pray for us that we get to go to our neighborhood school and not one of the 10 that are within 7 miles of us- yes you did read that right.

I have so much to update so I think over the next day or two I will just do separate blogs for each picture and event.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Baby is Five

Sorry- Last Sunday night I must have hit save as draft instead of publish
Let's start by saying there is no way my baby should be five years old. I know that when I listen to her she sounds more like fifteen some days but there is now way I can believe she is five. All parents think back to the day their child was born and I am no exception. Today she was trying to be helpful and help Nana carry out her luggage and put it in the car. I stood in my doorway and watched her keep up her steady stream of conversation with Momma and carry this big bag and couldn't help but think that five years ago at this moment we thought something had gone horribly wrong with my epidural and I couldn't move my head and her heart rate was erratic and we were going in for a c-section and I heard the anesthesiologist holler to the nurse, "Tell Martin (doctor) he's got 7 minutes to get his ass here or I'm going to find someone else to cut her." Let's just say when you can't move your head and you've been in labor over 24 hours you have two thoughts- First- Oh crap- this is really scary and I'm not sure if I'm ready for this, and secondly, Thank you Dr. Fitz- I'm glad someone is taking this seriously. God and I had a lot of conversation during the next few moments- it was all one sided for the most part but he gave me one big answer and that was my 8lb 14oz Peyton Elizabeth.
When you have a baby you wonder what she's going to look like and what her personality is going to be. God gave me such an amazing girl who at age 5 has a giant sweet tooth, despises vegetables, is more intelligent than I ever dreamed, who loves to talk more than breathe, hates to be teased, worries herself to death, is a planner like her momma, has insecurities that scare me because I don't know how to fix them, has insight into emotions of others that is well beyond her years, thinks cleaning is the most boring thing in the world, always has a great or fabulous idea (her words), would watch television 24/7 if I let her, loves her baby sister, let's the green-eyed monster get hold of her when it comes to her sister, is the best Food Allergy Police Protection force Landree would ever need, sings every word to just about every song she has ever heard, has a memory that makes us shake our head and refers to herself as the Princess because God is the King of Kings and she is God's Little Princess. With all of that, Haley took this picture yesterday at her birthday party and it took my breath away because there is no way that she is as old as she looks in this picture with her best friend Abby

She is already planning or maybe I should say worrying about the future. She asked me tonight what if no one at Kindergarten wanted to be her friend. I do wonder how a child so outgoing and boisterous could have so many self-doubts. We gave her the newest book in the series of Gigi- God's Little Princess and Gigi was not good at soccer and her dad told her that God has given us all special gifts and we need to figure out what our gift from God is and how best to use it. As I was reading I had to keep myself from laughing when I read this, "I am very loud so that must be one of my gifts." At age five I think this might be one of Peyton's gifts.

I don't have time to do my weekend update but I'll get that done with pics later in the week. Grandma and Papaw will be coming in tomorrow afternoon and the girls are excited.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update of the Last Week and a Half

So I need to get my update from last week done and the kids are in bed so I might as well do it now.
Last weekend Haley and I went to the Container Store and it was the most fun I have had in years. Sad I know. We spent two hours in the place and people I could have spent 10,000 dollars in there. I love organizing and little containers and they were full of them and they would even send someone to your home to design a closet system. They had a perfect closet system for Peyton's Room but I couldn't see spending $1000 on a closet. I did get containers for some of the dry stuff in the pantry- Haley is definitely my friend because she sat down on the floor with me in the middle of a store and helped me figure out what size container I needed to get for all my food.

I did think of Jessica while I was in the parking lot. Across the parking lot from the Container Store was Lakeshore Education Supply. I have spent a lot of Pulaski County Special School District's Money in their catalog and I didn't even know they had a brick and mortar store. I'm sure the two of us could have made an entire day out of just shopping in those two stores.

I had been feeling a cold coming on Friday and Saturday and I couldn't sleep Saturday night at all so Brian took Peyton to church and I stayed home with Landree. Afterwards they went and got soccer stuff. Of course everything they come home with was pretty much pink and she is so proud of them. When she got home, she took her bottoms off and put her pink shin guards, socks, and cleats on. Mom was sick so Dad ordered pizza and let Peyton eat in the living room- she even wore them while she ate.

You already heard about Landree and the ER visit. Bless her heart she woke up the next morning with swollen eyes, achy, and cranky- Brian said it sounded like a good hangover to him. Landree has taken to eating raw onions and you better save her some or the two year old temper tantrum starts. I'm calling her dragon breath because even the next morning she still stinks. She can't have milk, eggs, and peanuts but does like all vegetables and I guess raw onion.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful until Friday. Peyton had her Easter Party so I took Landree to Kidz-Kare. When I got to school the teacher asked us moms to hide the eggs. I'm just going to say this- I have never hid Easter Eggs in 97 DEGREE WEATHER! Easter is early this year and I'm sweating buckets hiding Easter Eggs- Welcome to South Texas. Peyton had a blast and loved finding eggs. Of course she had to wear her sunglasses to do it.

This is Peyton and Garrett.

Garrett is her best friend who is a boy and don't make the mistake of saying boyfriend because she will eat you up over it. I get tickled every time I see the two of them together because something about him reminds me a little bit of Brian.
Brian does not really like the following picture and I'm sure Papaw and some of her uncles would agree.

Here in San Antonio, they have the smallest garages ever and we still didn't have a vehicle in ours. So Saturday we got the girls down for a nap and literally took everything out of our garage, pulled the suburban in (it just barely fit lengthwise), and then put what fit back into the garage and are donating the rest. Brian and Peyton went out and played soccer in the backyard Sunday afternoon and I got tickled when Peyton started using her sandbox shovel and bucket to pooper scoop the backyard. The sandbox has been empty since we moved and Brian is nervous to feel it up because of scorpions. Landree started finding piles and every time she found one she would stoop down and say, "Eeewww poopoo" and then holler at Buddy.

Brian's team won their basketball game last night and poor Peyton thinks its because she wasn't there and her cheerleading when she is there has been making them lose. Landree wasn't acting herself yesterday afternoon and woke up at midnight with a fever. I finally got her back down around one thirty this morning. She was miserable for most of the day and has an appointment tomorrow morning. On Maundy Thursday, the church is having Passover Seder which is a recreation of the Last Supper and by some odd chance- I ended up as coordinator so I am supposed to go set up for that tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, I told you that I gained 2.6 pounds and that our leader said it was from the "trauma" of working out and I said that my body better hope it was not the same the next week. Well I didn't go last week due to Landree's ER visit. So with the fever today, Brian and I went but parked in front of Weight Watchers and just switched off going in. Well I have lost 5.6 for the last two weeks so I was happy- I'm on my way cruise. Brian has now hit an even 220 and looks great. Not only is the weather odd here but tonight we experienced mud rain. I'm serious- the news says it's raining mud and to stay inside if you can. Great they tell us that after we've been out and about. Basically there was a dust storm in Monterrey, Mexico and so now San Antonio is covered in a big dust cloud so the rain is going through that before it hits the ground. You can imagine how lovely my black suburban looks.
So tomorrow we have a doctor's appt and Seder set up, Thursday my mom is coming in a day early- YEAH (Peyton has already figured out everyone's sleeping arrangements- is anybody surprised?), Friday is High School Musical on Ice and Melanie and half her crew are coming in, Saturday is Peyton's Birthday Party, and Sunday is Easter and Peyton's 5th birthday so you may or may not be hearing from me for a few days.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Landree ER Visit #3

Okay so I want to thank everyone for the prayers- Landree didn't tear down the house Tuesday. Instead we had a trip to the ER. I started feeling better and decided that I better start working on the laundry that I had left undone for a few days. In the layout of our house, my bedroom comes first, then the bathroom, then the closet so I was walking back and forth sorting laundry and Landree was going back and forth with me. On one of my trips I noticed that the lid was off of the prescription bottle of cough medicine I had been taking at night. I sat there for a minute and tried to figure out if I maybe left it like that or could Landree have opened it (yes, she can get child proof lids off). There was still about a third of the bottle left but I had no clue how much was supposed to be in it. So I decided I better keep an eye on her and sure enough she started getting groggy but it was almost lunch and nap time so I wasn't sure. I then started talking to her and tried to stand her up and she fell. I tried to call her Pediatrician's office and they were out for lunch and I was connected to the Methodist Nurse line well I may have been on hold only a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity. I hung up and called poison control who told me that since it had Codeine and Guafasein in it and we had no idea how much she had drank then I definitely needed to take her to the ER and he found out where we were going and said he would call ahead and let them know we were on our way and send them all of the info they would need to treat her.

So I called Brian to meet me there and off we went. Well it was early release day for the schools and I hit 4 school zones on the way there. I remembered that Haley had conferences for the girls today (hence the early release) and asked if she could Peyton afterwards if we were still there. I also called Melanie and asked her to give it to me straight and tell me what I was looking at here. Landree had fallen asleep and I had no clue if she was asleep or unconscious. To tell you how long it took me to get there- Brian who came from across town beat me there. I got her out of her car seat and she woke up so I did have a moment of relief that she wasn't unconscious. She saw Brian and did say Daddy and then just laid out on his shoulder. They took us right back and we got in a room. The doctor came in and moved Peyton by Landree, he then looked at both their eyes and turned the lights off and on and looked at them. He said that since their eyes were very close in size and color that it was good to have Peyton there to compare how they reacted. He then showed us, Landree's pupils were tiny and did not react to light at all. This is when I got scared- not that I wasn't scared before but I knew I needed to get her to the hospital so I didn't have time to be scared. Looking at those blue eyes with that tiny little black dot still haunts me. The doctor said that since she was conscious, she could drink the charcoal instead of having to have an NG tube- thank heavens.

Two nurses came and did a urine catheter and put in an IV port and took two tubes of blood. Haley thankfully came by and picked up Peyton before her conferences and Landree heard her and started saying, "Haeey, Haeey." I was so relieved that she was actually noticing someone. The nurse then brought us a container of apple juice that had been mixed with apple juice and told us she needed to drink it. People it was solid black- not a transparent black but a opaque black and she said that it would stain. Brian and I looked at each other like yeah right! She did drink it and within a minute I watched her pupils start getting bigger and within 2 minutes she was talking again. I knew that charcoal worked to absorb the drug but I had no idea it worked that fast. After about 15 minutes she was hollering for food. It was 2 o'clock and she hadn't eaten since breakfast. After awhile the nurse brought her apple juice, applesauce, and teddy grahams- yeah! all stuff she could eat. Landree wanted to drink but didn't want to eat anything. She was a happy camper as long as she had something to drink and her Abby Cadabby (Peyton saw it in the suburban and thought Landree needed it- thank goodness the 4 year old had the forethought that Landree would need a lovey- I hadn't even brought her blankie). Brian was trying to get me to go and eat lunch but all the moms out there understand that it was impossible for me to leave that room. Landree was cranky and now that I knew she was okay, I realized that I was exhausted and Brian joked that I should ask them for something for my cough. I did realize during this time that our nurse was the same nurse we had when Landree had to have her eyebrow glued together last September. The doctor came back through and said that her urine did test positive to opiates. Opiates- did he really have to say it way? Couldn't he have said codeine instead- sounds like she got into illegal drugs.

Landree started getting sleepy and we encountered a problem- they put the IV port in her thumb sucking hand. The nurse checked with the doctor and he said that it was okay for her to sleep but she couldn't go to sleep because she couldn't suck her thumb. As the afternoon wore on, she started getting more lethargic and then we realized that her pupils were shrinking again. Landree then threw up all over me, the bed, and the floor- somehow she stayed clean. Brian got the nurse and then the housekeeper came and the room was cleaned up. We could still see the housekeeper down the hall when Landree started projectile vomiting. After 5 rounds, she finally stopped and was very lethargic again. The doctor came in and said that she might be feeling the effects of the guafasein now and that he wanted to give her an IV of fluids and that after an hour if she wasn't any better than he wanted to keep her overnight. Well IV fluid does the body good. She started talking and making her little ham face and was back to normal. She did become oddly attached to a washcloth and called it, "My coff." She then realized Abby Cadabby had gotten some charcoal on her and she went nuts trying to get the "poopoo" off of her. My shirt was covered in charcoal vomit and Brian asked for a scrub top. The nurse said she would do her best and I finally just had Brian take off his undershirt and I put that on. About 30 minutes before we left she had finally found a top for me and I was relieved.

I was sitting on the bed and Landree was standing between my legs covering my head with a towel hollering, "Boo, Mama, Boo," when the doctor walked in. He said that he didn't think he even needed to ask if she was okay and that we were free to go home.

It was 6:30PM when we were leaving and I was EXHAUSTED. As we were walking out I saw the Doctor that glued her eyebrow and the nurse that helped when she broke her thumb- can you tell we have been to the ER TOO MUCH. Brian went to go pick up Peyton from the Willards- Haley said that she was wonderful at the conferences and didn't talk and interrupt and Haley fed her lunch and she got to spend the afternoon with Abby. So Peyton had a great afternoon and I was so thankful that Haley had those conferences and was able to get Peyton. I headed to Chik-fil-A to get supper and I thought that their plain grilled chicken sandwich would be nice and easy on Landree's tummy. We all got home and ate supper and Landree ran around all evening right as rain. She went to bed easy like normal and I have to admit that I checked on her many times that night. I couldn't sleep because every time I closed my eyes all I could see were those big blue eyes and little bitty black pupils.

I am now worried that CPS will be knocking on my door soon. I am certainly not getting any mother of the year awards anytime soon. Everyone keeps telling me not to be too hard on myself. I know I can't watch her every moment of the day but it was ridiculous for me to have left that bottle on my bathroom counter. Needless to say Tuesday night, Brian and I did a search for all medicine within Landree and a stool reach and thanked God that we were home with our baby knowing it could have been much worse.

Monday, March 10, 2008

No Update Today

I'm sick and feel like crap. I'm too tired to think about what we have been doing and am trying to conserve all my energy to chase the Wild Child who today went head first off a chair, hit her collarbone on a table and still managed to flip on the way down and later stood in my living room naked, bent over and watched herself poop on my carpet. Pray that I have enough energy to keep her from tearing down the house tomorrow.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Can't Sleep

I think I'm working on a cold or the dreaded South Texas Allergies are hitting and I haven't been able to sleep very well the last two nights. I have been so sleepy today so I figured I would go to bed a little early. Well it is 1 in the morning and I am still up. Brian is at Jim's house playing poker and I decided to start working on a new scrapbook page. I am done with my page and thought I would pop on here to upload it. It is one of Brian and yes I am gushing about how proud I am of him. I also thought my In-Laws might enjoy seeing the difference in their son.

Tomorrow, Haley and I are going to The Container Store. This is my first trip and I am already excited. I love being organized, I'm lazy and am usually not organized, but when I have an organized area- it makes me feel all warm inside. I might have to go to the ATM and get a set amount of cash and leave my debit card and checkbook at home. It could be dangerous.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


UGH #1- The child figured out a way around packing tape! Are you serious? What two year old can figure out her way around packing tape? At nap time today she tore the diaper away from the packing tape so all she had on was a ring of diaper around her waist. I'm buying duct tape tomorrow.

Almost UGH #2- You know you are pitiful when the highlight of you day is having your two and almost five year old massage your back. Peyton asked if she could and I was happy to submit. Hey, she's not that bad.

UGH #3- Last week I started my goal of losing 20 pounds before our cruise. I have worked out 5 of the last 7 days and I'm not talking about just a 20 minute walk. I'm talking about 45 minutes of walking so fast that I am sweating like a pig and want so desperately to hold on to the treadmill to keep upright. All of this and I GAINED 2.6 pounds! I never look at my weight at the scale- it's not visible and you have to look at your card. However, I knew it was not going to be good because the lady didn't make a comment- no comment means you've gained. When I looked, I actually said very loudly, "Are you serious?" I have never commented on my weight like that. Needless to say, I was shocked. I went and sat down and expressed my displeasure to Haley who tried to help me figure it out. I then remembered something and looked at my weight loss book. The last time I started exercising- I gained 3 pounds the first week. Our leader said that it can happen when your body feels traumatized. Let's just say if you don't see something better here next Tuesday, my body is going to think traumatized.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I have obviously lost my mind. Peyton wanted to go with Brian to basketball practice yesterday. We told her no because it was rainy. Instead, Brian told her that she could go to his game tonight. This morning it was cloudy, Peyton got upset and told Brian she was afraid she couldn't go. Brian told her that if it was sunny today, she could go. Well it was sunny, 45 degrees and windy-great. It was Chik-fil-a Fundraiser night for Peyton's school so we met Brian there for supper. Peyton loved it and most of her friends were there so she had a great time. So I loaded the girls up in their winter jackets and blankets and we went to the game and were miserable. Mrs. Debra was there too and was also miserable. Finally I gave up and put the girls in the suburban under blankets and gave them a snack. We then watched the rest of the game from the warmth of my car. Daddy lost but I wish I had the camera so everyone could have seen Brian walking around in his basketball uniform and a Dora Blanket around his back like a cape. Since Brian's team lost, Peyton thinks maybe he should play football instead.

This morning, Landree decided she wanted to get on top of her dresser. She opened the drawers and tried to use them as stairs and of course fell. She now has a big scrape under her nose and says its her ouwy and it hurts. When we went to school today they were having a special blessing for the students and teachers for Lutheran Schools Week. Peyton was very proud of herself because Pastor Barz called her to the front. She got to hit the triangle 3 times when he said The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. She was so happy. Afterwards, they had the Chik-fil-a cow there and both girls were enthralled. She showed up again at supper and Landree refused to eat. She was happy to see it but didn't want to touch it. I knew that the pre-school was a good school and I have been very happy with it. However, I never knew how good it was until this weekend. We have already gotten Landree into Mother's Day Out for the Fall because we were church members and an already enrolled family. Last Friday was open enrollment for the public. People were camping out over night to get into the preschool! I love my children and if it would help, I would camp out to get Peyton into Kindergarten at the neighborhood school (there is a cap and we're not sure to get in) but camping out for Mother's Day Out or Preschool- I think I would be having Preschool at the Kitchen Table.

Well- I have to break down and clean my house tomorrow. I've just been doing minor up-keep the last two weeks and it's starting to show. Since Landree broke our scale, I have no idea how I am doing with my weight loss. I'll post tomorrow night after weight watchers. My thought is that if I keep sharing with all of you- maybe I'll keep my motivation going.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're Officially Members

So we officially became members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church today! We spent the weekend meeting with the elders of the church and the heads of the different programs. We met all of the other new members and had a good time. Today was the start of Lutheran Schools Week so Peyton sat with her classmates to sing during the service and Landree went to the nursery. Since joining the Lutheran church is new for Brian he had to go up first to be an Adult Confirmand. I went to get Landree and we were sliding into the pew as Brian walked up front. Landree was not pleased with the fact that her daddy nor Peyton were in the pew and she decided to express her displeasure. I finally got her calmed down and got to listen to Brian profess his faith and dedication to the church and was truly thrilled. Finally, Pastor Barz called for the rest of the new members to come and up and I told Landree she could go to Daddy. She tore off up the aisle hollering, "Daddy, Daddy," and the congregation laughed. I guess Landree has introduced herself to everyone. I'm sure that it is only first of many scenes she will cause in that sanctuary. Here is a picture they took of us today:

That is the outfit that Brian wore to the Christmas party and it was about 2 sizes too big day. Yeah!!! Doesn't he look great! I have decided I might never wear that dress again. It's about two sizes too big and I look worse in it then when I actually fit into it.

The weather here is so odd. Last Monday it was 92 degrees and then it got down to freezing on Tuesday. Yesterday it was bright and the sun was shining and we went to Sea World and it was a great afternoon. Last night I had two sets of dresses laid out for the girls: Spring and Winter. This morning Brian decided they needed Spring because it was so warm yesterday. Wrong- it was cool and windy today so we had to listen to Peyton whine for the whole 2 minutes it took her to get from the car to the church.

So I am still trying to get myself in shape for the cruise and have worked out 3 of the last 4 days. After I work out I stretch. Let's just say Landree is making it a little harder. When she sees me on the floor she comes running and hops on my back yelling, "Ride Momma, Ride." So I have lost 7 pounds shy of her weight but I don't think all of it was on my back. That little bull can take the breath right out of you.

My Valentine's Day Project

Here is a layout that I have been working on here and there since Valentine's Day and finally decided that I couldn't mess it up anymore than I already had.