Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here we go again

So I thought that my next blog post would be chronicling some part of my pregnancy. Well I was wrong. Tonight we did a shrimp boil for Father's Day and we had a complication. Peyton refused to eat anything because it was too spicy and Landree ate hers and Peytons because it was so good. We noticed Landree's face turning red but we weren't alarmed because she sometimes turns red when she deals with spices because her skin is so sensitive. Well it got worse and started spreading so I pulled her out and washed her down. Then the hives popped up and I gave her benadryl. She started complaining that her face was getting bigger but we didn't notice a difference. She did start coughing and that was when I made sure the epi-pens were out of the package and waiting. Luckily the benadryl worked.

So here is what we had for supper
Red Potatoes
Corn on the Cob all boiled in a pot of Zatarain Boil. I then added some of her safe butter to the potatoes and corn.

I rechecked all packages and Brian knows we didn't have any cross-contamination since he cooked it all. So it's looking like we might have a new allergy. Shrimp of course is the obvious suspect. It could be a random spice but I'm really hoping not because food companies are not required to list individual spices. Our allergist had us wait until she was 3 to try shellfish and fish and so far she has been okay. This was her 3rd or 4th exposure. But I also know it can be the 1000th exposure before someone shows a reaction too. I'll call the allergist in the morning and see where we go from here. We have an appointment the last week of July so I'm sure we'll just wait until then.

Here is the only clear picture I could get of her tonight. I had to use a flash because neither one of us could seem to stay still so the color in the picture isn't quite as red as it was in person and this was before the hives started. I like to take pictures as we go along in a reaction so I have a better perspective because sometimes in the moment they seem worse than what they really are.
Ignore the tongue

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Announcement with a TMI Warning

Okay so a couple of days after my last post, Brian and I found out we were expecting a new addition to the family. It was a very unexpected development in the Craft house especially having been told at one point by doctors that we may never have children. I just hadn't been feeling well for over a month and had even told took a few tests over the Easter Holiday. Of course they were negative but I just couldn't shake the exhaustion and nausea. I even told a few friends if I didn't know better, I would swear I was pregnant. Well I obviously didn't know better because I was pregnant. About a week after I found out I started my normal 24 hour a day morning sickness. I didn't plan to tell the girls until I was out of my first trimester. We didn't with Peyton when I was pregnant with Landree and I just wanted to protect them as long as I could. Well that only lasted until I started puking and Peyton decided I had the Swine Flu and of course Peyton is a worry wart like her momma and decided I needed to go to the hospital. So after we saw the heartbeat on ultrasound, we went ahead and told the girls. They are excited and all on board now. Landree named it Baby Bob- no we don't know the gender- and everyone else has picked up on the name. The girls kiss and hug Baby Bob every night and Landree asks every day if the baby is big enough to come out yet. December will be a long way away for poor Landree.

Yesterday we went for another doctor's appointment and she asked if we minded waiting to see if the ultrasound tech could get hearttones. I wanted to say Lady, I would sit here all day for a chance to get a glimpse of Baby Bob. She said that since I was past 10 weeks (I'm 11) if we got a heartbeat then we had a pretty safe and secure pregnancy. Well we saw a heartbeat so I feel a little more secure and was able to breath a little better.

Unfortunately I am in the First Trimester slump still. I am exhausted and puking a lot. Okay so here is where the TMI starts and I'm warning you if you read the blog for the next year or so you will be getting TMI about me and the baby I'm sure. I somewhat thought I was coming out of it towards the end of last week but I was wrong. Sunday night I had really bad heartburn and Brian remembered I used to make and drink a glass of chocolate milk before I went to bed when I was pregnant with Peyton so I tried it. At 3:30 that morning, I woke up puking. Ugh- who does that and it was certainly a first for me. Yesterday evening I somehow puked some through my nose and then had to deal with a nosebleed for awhile. Note to self- stomach acid is not meant to go through the delicate passages of your nasal cavity. See I warned you- TMI. My prayer is that this follows the girls and my puking rally will be done by 14-15 weeks.

We do plan to find out the gender if we can but that won't be until sometime in August probably. The girls are going back and forth whether they want a boy or a girl. Brian of course would love a son but also says he knows what to do with girls so that might be easier. I really don't care. I would love for Brian to get to experience having a son but then again he is such a great Daddy to our girls that I would love to see that big ol' man wrapped around another baby girl finger.

So I hope that explains my absence for the last month or more. I have been tired but I also didn't want to put it all over the internet either if something went wrong. Some of our friends know but a lot didn't until yesterday. So if you're just finding out here, don't be upset with us because we really weren't telling everyone yet- pretty much just family and those that might have to deal with my puking.