Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We have a superstar in the house. Peyton is the superstar for her class this week. We had to make a poster to take to put up in the classroom. I struggled with trying to figure out how much I should do and how much she should do. I think we came up with a happy medium. She wrote her name and I typed out all of the information she wanted and put pictures on them so that when she presented her poster she wouldn't need anyone to read it for her. She cut out her squares and then we glued them to the colored paper and then to the posterboard. She is very proud of it. Nothing on the poster surprised us except that when she grows up she wants to be a nurse and a weather girl. Huh?

Every Tuesday night Brian, Haley and I go to Weight Watchers and Marcus watches all four girls. I stop by and pick up kid's meals somewhere for the kids. Last night we went to Jack in the Box and they put the meals in buckets. We are so excited. Every school day, Landree gets upset that Peyton has a bucket and she doesn't. Problem solved, she had a bucket to take to school today.

Now surely no one expected Landree to only carry it.

We have our Halloween costumes ready. When we are at Disney World we will be going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Peyton is going to be Violet from the Incredibles and Brian and I are going to wear Incredible T-shirts. For actual Halloween Landree will be Baby JackJack from the Incredibles but we are calling her Baby LouLou. We tried the costume on her and she loved it. She then decided to help me make the pizzas for dinner. As you can see she has discovered all the great uses for stools in the house.

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