Sunday, November 4, 2007

We're still alive

Okay so I know it has been awhile since I have updated. I was busy the week before Disney World so I didn't update then and of course I didn't even think about it during our wonderful week there and then I was so busy unpacking this week that I didn't even worry about it. For those of you who know me you might not believe it but I didn't even turn my computer on until Thursday.

We had a wonderful time in Disney and I think I will try to do a day by day blog on our trip so look forward to that. We got back Monday night and we were glad to be home. Tuesday I woke up on a mission. By the time Brian got home I had all six of our suitcases unpacked and half of my laundry done. We went to Weight Watchers to see how much we enjoyed our trip. I wasn't bad and had gained a pound and a half. Brian was a little worse but I think that it was more from lack of water because it is falling off of him this week. Wednesday morning I finished up the laundry and got the girls ready and took "Violet Incredible" to school. Landree and I came home and she took a short nap. I took her to KidsKare and went to Peyton's Costume party at school. She had a great time. They started off with ice cream and worm dirt.

The meeting of the superheroes.

They played musical tombstones and Peyton gets mad at me every time I say that and keeps telling me that it was musical chairs.

Class picture outside. I get tickled when I look at her room because it is very multicultural. When they were released from the party she went straight to the playhouse with Lily and Garrett. I think they have done this before.

Not much here but her picking up gravel but I love the look on her face.

We went and picked up Kacy and Abby and went to gymnastics where the girls got very personal attention because half the people weren't there. We left there and picked up Landree and made it home to change for Halloween. Here is Baby Loulou.
She wasn't in the best of humor for some reason. Here is Mr. Incredible showing his great strength. We had the girls ready a little after six and realized that we hadn't seen any other trick or treaters yet. Being new to the area we really didn't know what time they would all come out. Peyton was very impatient and kept look out, Landree was looking too. Who knows what she was looking for.
We finally saw another neighbor and the girls were off with Brian.
I stayed home and gave out candy to about 40 trick or treaters. Brian ended up meeting up with Trey and Scott who live in the two houses on the right of us. They were assigned to take their kids out too while their wives were handing out candy. Brian said that Landree trick or treated a few houses and then was happy to sit in the wagon with a sucker and let Peyton do all the work. We finally got the girls home and in bed. I went through and made three piles of candy: Candy Landree could have, could not have, and what I wasn't sure about. There was actually a really good pile of candy she could have so I was excited. Brian and I then ate out of the chocolate and peanut filled stack of candy she couldn't have and then cleaned up.

On the way to school Friday my transmission made a horrible noise and I lost the top gears in my suburban. I limped it to school and lucky ran into Pastor Barz who gave me the name of a mechanic. I got it to the shop and found out that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. When I get it back on Monday I am going to put a big red bow on it because it is mine and Brian's Christmas gift.

Saturday, Pastor Barz came to our house to make up our bible study we missed. We discovered that Landree loves red beans and rice. I had beans and sausage in the crockpot all day. She ate two bowls. We then agonized over the LSU game. We went to early church today. No one was in the nursery so Landree came to church with us. Needless to say it was hard work to keep her occupied during the service. Luckily I had lots of snacks with us and stickers in my purse. We made it through and had a lazy afternoon at home.

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