Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have returned

Brian and the girls dropped me off at the airport last Sunday afternoon.
2 airplanes,
1 hotel shuttle,
1 hotel room,
1 ship,
2 van rides,
2 islands,
4 day 60th birthday party for Mom,
1 sleep-walking sister,
and 11 cocktails later (I have the SeaPass detailed billing to show for it), I have returned home.

1 loving and relieved I was home husband,
2 very exicted and very verbal welcomes by my girls,
1 lap that was not empty until the girls went to bed,
2 loads of night-time accident sheets laundry,
2 temper trantrums over not getting to watch something on television,
3 temper trantrums over being told no to sugary foods,
1 trip to Target and Hobby Lobby,
2 families coming over to watch the LSU-Florida game- we won't discuss the outcome,
1 dog who won't let me go to the bathroom by myself,
1 tutu made for an Abby Cadabby halloween costume,
4 meals I had to make for myself and clean-up without assistance from a head waiter, waiter, assistant waiter, or suite attendant,
5 year old who is having another asthma flair up and who breaks my heart listening to her try to sleep through the coughing,
and numerous fights over sharing the souveniors I brought home let me know that I was back to reality and left me unbelieving that less than 48 hours ago I was in a swimsuit sunning myself with a plethera of nice men and women bringing me anything I wanted to eat or drink all while in the middle of the ocean.
Off to plan the next vacation.

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btschulze said...

You forgot to mention:
1 jealous friend who got ribbed at WW... details later.