Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Girls

My job as The Craft Family Zookeeper is still secure

Last night I was on the phone with my sister Melanie while cleaning out the fish tank. Landree kept trying to get to the fish and frog and feed them. I told her to not touch the fish tank, the cup with the fish and frog or the food. She was on her stool and then out of the corner of my eye, I see her try to feed them, again. I squatted down to be eye-level and started fussing at her- that's what all the experts say- get on their level. Well those experts don't know Landree Lou. I swanee I decided I had to be imagining what I was seeing. While I was literally an inch from her face, she stops looking at me and darts her eyes off to the side and of course my eyes followed. I see her little hand over the cup that had the fish and frog in it. She was still trying to feed the fish while I was fussing at her for just feeding the fish while I was eye-level in her face. Really- what does it take with this kid?

We were in the car tonight and Peyton was being whiny. She said something about she was having growing pains and that her legs were breaking. We told her that her legs were not breaking and that she probably just tired and needed to go to bed when we got home. Then she said, "Guys, I think I have a Bunion." WHAT! So of course Brian asks, "What is a bunion." She replies with, "A bunion is a bone on your toe that hurts." Brian then asks her where she learned this, "From a commercial and my bunion really hurts, maybe I need to go to the doctor or something, Moma, Can you make me an appointment tomorrow?" Well I can't respond because at this point I am half-laid out in my seat crying and trying to smother my laughter. Brian told her that she would just want to cut it off. Really dear husband? This is the child that is so dramatic that she thinks her leg is broken and that her 5 year old foot has a bunion- is the really the time to pick on her and make her think a doctor will cut her foot off? So I then had to regain my composure to calm down the hysterical 5 year old in the back seat.

So don't think anyone is offering to take the zookeeper job over and I'll have it for as long as I want.

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Tracy said...

Out of the mouths of babes...I LOVE when they come up with things like that to say!!!