Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day of Waiting

Today has been about waiting. We got up early this morning, ate breakfast, got everyone dressed, packed 4 lunches and the four of us were standing in line to vote a little before seven. Luckily, it was at school so we just walked up there. Unluckily, they didn't open at 7 like they were supposed to and didn't start letting people in until 7:20. I walked Peyton to class and came back to wait again. We finally got out of there at 8:10. I got Landree to school and then rushed back to Peyton's school.

The Kindergarteners were going to the McNay Museum http://www.mcnayart.org/. You know I was excited since I couldn't go on the last field trip and I was one of the 4 moms able to go to this one. We were told that normally they don't let Kinders in but an exception is made for Roan Forest because they are so usualy well behaved. Well this tells me two things- 1- I knew expectations are high at that school and 2- Kindergarteners probably shouldn't be going to an Art Museum.

I helped load the bus and then joined a caravan of SUVs and Minivans going across town. When I pulled in it reminded me a lot of the Norton Art Gallery back home but about 10 times the size. We got all 8 classes off the buses and split them in half. One group went into the museum and Peyton's group went to eat lunch. We then had an hour to wander around the grounds and wait for our assigned time to enter the museum. As you can imagine an hour of waiting on Museum grounds is a lot to expect from 5-6 year olds. My teacher mode kicked in and within fifteen minutes I had Peyton's hand and a rather rambunctious boys hand.

We finally got the ok and got all lined up and ready for our docents. The wait continued and then we started noticing a lot of people coming out. Well the fire alarms were going off and they couldn't find the source. So the whole museum was evacuated. Half an hour of waiting and they still couldn't find the source so no museum. So again the 5-6 year olds had to wait again. We passed the time with Duck-Duck-Goose until the buses got there. We are hoping to get approval to go back again. So I put a very disappointed daughter who wanted to see Monet and Van Gogh (I know its Kindergarten) back on the bus back to school.

Of course we are all waiting to see who our next leader will be after the polls close. Regardless of your choice, I hope you go vote. I have not told anyone how I voted and haven't asked anyone including my husband and vice-versa. Remember, if you don't vote, you give up the right to complain for four years. In this house, we love to bitch to much to give up that right. So take a chair, drink, snack, ipod, and a book and go exercise your right. You wouldn't want to miss getting to wait would you?

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