Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

So this year my children decided to divert from the normal Disney Halloween and I had to use a little creativity. Peyton wanted to be Ruby the Red Fairy from the Rainbow Fairies Book Series.

Landree wanted to be-

wait for it,
wait for it- Abby Cadabby- I know big surprise. So this meant I could not go buy costumes this year- well they had one for Abby Cadabby but she didn't look right so I had to make one. I got Peyton's dress off Ebay and added a pair of cheap wings. Brian thinks her dress looks like a lounge singers dress.
I found a leotard for Landree and only had to make the tutu and Korker bows for Abby Hair. There was a row of tulle around her neck like Abby's but after 4 hours of my nice hard work and a week of wearing it around the house, Landree decided that it was itchy and didn't want to wear it. So off it came and here is our Abby Cadabby.
Here are some random shots that I like which is code for I couldn't decide which ones to post so I just posted them all.

This is the face of a girl who is tired of Mom taking pictures and ready to go Trick or Treating

So we put a bowl of Candy out and off we went.

Notice the girl's choice of footwear. Peyton wore those blasted Hannah Montana Crocs instead of the red ones- I'm beginning to hate those shoes. Landree picked out Peyton's pink boots. She is being raised in Texas.

At the first house, Peyton proceeded to tell the lady that Landree couldn't eat that candy because she was allergic to it. At another house Landree got to pick her own candy and of course she picked a full sized bag of Peanut MMs. I think I now remember why I didn't go last year. We ended up meeting up with another Peyton in our neighborhood who is almost four and she and her dad joined us for TOT. Landree only refused one house that was awfully scary but other than that she did great. Halfway through Brian remembered why he brought a wagon last year for Landree. We finally made it through the neighborhood and then ran by Jim and Debra's where Landree proceeded to walk right in and plop herself down in Jim's chair, put her thumb in her mouth and watched TV. Brian took the girls in and filled the bowl up with more candy. I walked back in and this is what I found.

Here is what we looked like after we finally told Landree no more Candy but Peyton knew she was getting to stay up a little later so that she could eat some chocolate.

Here was the haul of candy the two girls got- with my commentary

Peyton ended up sleeping in her costume that night. The Great Pumpkin came and took all the unsafe candy and left movies for the girls- didn't you know that the great pumpkin did that for Food Allergy Kids?

I watched my girls all cute and pretty in their costumes as they flitted around. As a mom you can get so caught up in the "magic" of the event. Then something brings you back to reality

Yeah, I know she's going to kill me one day.


Tracy said...

The girls look fantastic! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

btschulze said...

I'm still laughing over that last photo... don't you just love it when children give you something to blackmail them with later?!?!?

They are just too cute!

XoXo*E*XoXo said...

hey Erica, its Erika from the dayschool!! IM like flipping out over here, the kids are beautiful and have grown sooo much!! Hope you guys are doing well!