Monday, February 9, 2009

13 Years Ago Today

Brian and I met. My sorority and Brian's Fraternity had a Mardi Gras Exchange and the rest is history. Not really because we both went out with other people first and we didn't start dating for a couple of months. I have a picture of that night but it is in the armoire next to Landree's room and she is way too restless tonight for me to find it and scan it up there. I do not bother sleeping babies, especially that child. I'll have to get it tomorrow and put it on here. We even have a shirt from that night and we joke that not every married couple has a picture from the night they met and a t-shirt to commerate the event.

Trust me we didn't know that 13 years from the day we would be laughing in San Antonio during supper with our oldest daughter who is complaining about the prospect of having to eat Enchalupaladas (she confused enchiladas and chalupas) at school this week if I forget to remind her to order a yogurt plate on Wednesday, again; and the youngest daughter who loves spaghetti so much that she picked up her bowl to lick the remaining sauce out of it.


Newspurr said...

Congratulations to you both!

Ashley A. said...

Was it really that long ago?