Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 365

Okay so I've been doing Project 365 and realized I haven't put any on the blog. Basically Project 365 is where you take a picture every day of Year 2009- hence 365 pictures. I've been taking pictures and starting to scrapbook them. I doubt I'll go back and post the first 30 on here but I am going to start with day 31.

Day 31: Best Friends
Brian was working on weeding the backyard and the girls were oustide playing so I of course followed them around with a camera. I was so excited when I pulled this picture of the camera. She still misses Buddy but she does LOVE her Charlie Bear.
Day 32: Fire Hydrant
Charlie decided to use the girl's mailbox in the playroom as a Fire Hydrant. Of course everyone thinks it is hilarious. Everyone who didn't have to clean it up that is.
Day 33: I sthick
Landree is sick and keeps telling me that. She looks so pitiful but even with the red cheeks, didn't have much of a fever.
Day 34: Momma Chicken
Peyton was supposed to be a chicken for tonight's Kindergarten performance. The recommendation was to take a yellow shirt and put feathers on it. Well I started looking a week and a half ago and no yellow feathers. After seeing her costume, Peyton declared, "Mom, we should have just bought one from school." Not an option ungrateful. Then she exclaimed, "I'm going to have a heart attack because now I'm the Momma Chicken because I'm white not yellow like the baby chicks." Yeah whatever, just hold still so I don't stick you with a pin.

I know it's one picture but I can't stick to that on a special day. Here are the felt/sandal chicken feet.
Here is Daddy Chicken cleaning off her face one more time before walking to school
Here they are leaving me because I woke up with an eye almost swollen shut and a fat lip and covered in hives for the second day in a row (I'm all medicated up and no I have no idea what caused it). Daddy has camera in hand and I'm ready for them to get back so I can see it.

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