Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be Careful

When you have two older sisters, you should be careful where you fall asleep.

Brock fell asleep yesterday afternoon while playing on his playmat. He originally was in the middle on his back but scooted around and flipped. Landree and Peyton decided he was sleepy and gave him his pacifier. Peyton then sang to him while Landree patted his back until he fell asleep (not spoiled much at all is he?). Landree then decided he was cold and put her pink Bitty Baby blanket on him and no one could convince her that one of his own would work just as well. So of course like any good mom, I took a picture so the girls could torture him with it when he is grown. Or he will use it as evidence about how we allowed him to be mistreated by his sisters and why we need to pay for his therapy.

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