Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brock's Christening & My Picture Dreams Fade

Today we had Brock's Christening at Church. Brock cried just enough to have the devil driven out of him (old wive's tale) and then slept for the rest of the service. We were blessed to have most of our family with us for the baptism. Of course like with most family events, the goal at the end was to get a few good pictures. I had the girls in matching dresses, Brock in our family Christening gown, and 3 freshly washed beautiful faces. It should have been the perfect setup right- of course you have already figured out the answer is Wrong! The kids were all tired, everyone was hungry, and Brock had had enough. So sit back and enjoy the best of my pictures from the day.

So we made it through and got everyone loaded up and headed to the restaurant. Of course they lost our reservations and we had to wait. We were all a little tense and on edge but once we got food and drinks we were okay- well the Craft side was not real impressed with the Cowboys game (the Thompson side was Thrilled with last nights game). We had a great meal and were sad to watch the Crafts leave and I'll be sad to see my crew leave tomorrow.

I know there were 6 cameras out at one point today so if anyone else has better pictures from today, just send them my way.

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