Thursday, January 21, 2010

Testing Day

We had all of Brock's testing today. He had to start fasting at 5:30 this morning and his appointment wouldn't be until 9:30. So last night I set an alarm to get up at 2 and 5 to feed him so that maybe it would fill him up and he could make it through the appointment. Brian stayed home this morning and got both girls to school and then went into the office. Brock and I headed to the hospital. He started off really great so I started taking pictures with my phone.

He then needed his pacifier

He was then a little irate but walking and swaying got him under control.

They were supposed to do the abdominal ultrasound first so that he could eat before we did the other tests. A nurse then came to me to ask permission for him to have his head ultrasound first because they had a new machine that they were trying out. The reps from the company were there and even the head of Radiology would be there. They were hoping I would agree to let them scan Brock because head ultrasounds are the hardest and he was the only one scheduled for the day. She knew that it would be longer for him to eat but that the pictures would be a lot better. I of course said yes and even my untrained eye knew that the quality was really great. I didn't get a picture of it but he laid there in his overalls sucking his pacifier asleep the whole time. They then sent us to a regular machine for the abdominal ultrasound. Here is a dark picture of that. He did fabulous but did get a little agitated the last 5-10 minutes.

He finally got to eat around 10:30. At first I was aggravated that we were having to wait so long but then he was so full that he was willing to lay still for the chest x-ray and they didn't have to use the medieval torture device to keep him still and I just held his arms above his head. He did get a hospital gown for it.

We then loaded up and left the hospital, went and picked up Landree, and came home for a couple of hours. Brian made it home in time for Brock and I to leave again. We went back to the hospital for Brock's echo cardiogram and EKG. I got tickled when the tech started telling me this wouldn't hurt him and going into the details of what would happen. I told him that I was fine that my oldest daughter has had lots of these so I knew the drill. We did have to use some sugar water on his pacifier to keep him still during the echo. He then passed out after a little bit.

He then got his EKG. Of course it looks scarey but he did great. It probably didn't hurt that the tech was a grandmother and was ooohing and awwing over him so much that another grandmother came through. I thought I was going to have to take him away from them.

After all this, he passed out as soon as I got him back in his car seat.

I called the hematologist's office to see if I had to wait until his appointment on the first to get results or if they would call. She told me that I could call the beginning of next week to get them. The tech for the echo and the EKG tech both indicated that everything was normal. The morning techs didn't budge.

Now this is unrelated and ignore the background clutter- my bedroom seems to be a dumping ground these days. Brock and I were lying on my bed this evening when Brian got done working. He came in to talk to Brock and I snapped this picture because their matching forehead wrinkles were cracking me up. I might have to try to set up a nicer picture like this one but I doubt I'll ever get it quite right. Just wish I would have had my real camera with me instead of just my iphone.

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