Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's try this again

Okay so over 4 months is a long time- but we've been busy. I was you know growing lungs, fingernails and parts for this precious boy.

Brock James was born on December 21st at 10:49AM. He was 9lbs 6 ozs and 20 3/4 inches long (however the next week he stretched out to 22 1/4 inches long- hey I'm short and he was squished). He is so sweet and we adore him. Peyton could hold him all day long and Landree wants to be involved for all diaper changes. Weeding through all the pictures from Christmas is overload for me today so I'm posting ones since. Besides the Grandparents were here through Christmas and I know they are anxious to see pictures of the last few weeks.

Here is his first bath

Including the paparazzi. Aunt Cathy bought cameras for Christmas and the girls love them. We'll be lucky if poor Brock can see from all the flashes. Ignore all the junk on the countertops.

He loves his swing. All three of our children have spent plenty of time in this swing.

He loved looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. However, I could only handle looking at the Christmas stuff for so long so Brian got it all put up.

We got the family all ready to watch LSU in the Capitol One bowl. LSU disappointed but we got a few cute pictures.

He cracks me up in this picture because he is rolling his eyes like he has had enough of all the picture taking.
And this is what happens when Mommy and Brock are up too long at night, the Tigers are losing, and Landree decides I need to use her Snuggie.

Brian decided he needed to start Brock early and watched the National Championship Game. Even with the Texas Quarterback excitement, Brock wasn't too interested.

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