Monday, September 17, 2007

Landree's First ER Trip

We had a really great weekend. My mom came in on Friday night and we let Peyton stay up to see her. We were all happy when Landree remembered Nana and called her by name Saturday morning. We did some shopping on Saturday and Brian fixed ribs. Sunday, Mom and I went shopping and I decided I don't need to go to Nordstroms again once I saw a little black dress for $1145.00. We went to a meeting at the Church we are thinking about joining and the girls stayed with Nana. Mom and Peyton made Baked Alaska. I know, she's only 4 but they saw it on Paula's Party and Nana thought she would love it. She was right and she did but then she said she didn't like the coverup they put on it (meringue). Mom and I talked about how different Peyton and Landree were and that we saw Landree having lots of accidents in her future. Well we shouldn't have said it.

This morning Landree wanted on our bed and Peyton decided to help her up. I was in the bathroom and heard a huge bonk and did what all parents do, pause and wait for the sound and it came, the scream. Before I could get to her I hear Peyton say, I'm so sorry Mama, there's blood on her face. Landree had a cut on her eyebrow and had blood streaming down her face. I tried to clean her up but couldn't get the blood to stop. I tried to take a picture with my camera phone to get Dr. Aunt Melanie's opinion. I even measured it with a ruler. The pediatrician's office recommended she come in but then didn't have any openings and told me to go to the ER. So I called Peyton's school and they told me that I could bring her early for lunch bunch. I got everyone dressed and into the car, ran by McDonalds, got Peyton to school and made it to the ER. I was surprised when we got there and they had a separate ER waiting room and section for children. We got back after about 15 minutes. The nurse cleaned her up and the doctor came in and decided that glue would work best since we would have to sedate her for stitches. They irrigated it with betadine and saline- she wasn't impressed at all. The nurse put fingers on either side and stretched it until it was closed and the doctor put the glue on it and held it for 45 seconds and we were done. They had us wait five minutes and then said we could go. I put Landree down so I could get our things and she headed straight for the door and didn't want me to pick her up. She grabbed her bunny and away we went. She held her bunny with one hand and my hand with the other and we walked all the way to the parking garage. What a big girl. We were in and out of there in 1 hour 15 minutes. I was shocked how quickly it went and was really impressed with the setup they had. It was definately a better experience than when Peyton had stitches at about the same age. Landree acts like it doesn't bother her much and played this evening. When she sucks her thumb, she uses the other fingers to pick at it some. Here are some pictures of her. Bless her heart, Peyton keeps telling me how sorry she is.

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Nana said...

Peyton, I'm proud of you for trying to help your sister. Stuff happens. Even bad stuff. No matter how good you try to be, everything does not always go right. I love you - a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. Can you tell Landree that Nana loves her? Have a great night's sleep.