Sunday, September 30, 2007

Peyton's Field Trip

Don't know why this didn't post on Friday. It was in my list of drafts but never posted for some reason.

Today Peyton had her first field trip of the year. A city bus is coming to school and Peyton's class is going to get on the bus, watch a video, and then take a drive around the neighborhood. Parents and siblings were welcome. Peyton quickly informed me she didn't want me to go. She told me she was a big girl and that she didn't need me. I told her that Landree might want to ride and Peyton said that was fine, she could sit next to her and hold her hand. I told her that Landree couldn't ride without me and she told me that she guessed Landree wasn't riding. I decided to let her have control today, it really isn't that big of a field trip. However, she was informed that I would be going on the rest of her field trips and she agreed. If this is four, what will fourteen be like. Needless to say she had a great time and was a little upset that they didn't wear seatbelts

We pulled out the aquadoodle today and the girls loved it but there was a space issue. Landree only wanted to draw on the same space Peyton was drawing on or had already drawn on. Peyton informed me that I needed to put an aquadoodle on Landree's christmas list because she needed her own. This is probably the only time that played well together on it.

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