Saturday, September 1, 2007

Short Week

This has been a pretty short week. On Wednesday, we went and met Peyton's teacher at Open House. Peyton got a blue bucket to use instead of a backpack and is very excited about getting to carry this bucket and has shown everyone who walked into this house her blue bucket. Look for pictures next week.

Brian and I spend most of our time with Peyton trying to hide our smiles. The other night, we were driving home and she told us that Miley Cyrus was coming to town and that she wanted to go and that Tanner said that it cost a lot of money. I asked her who was going to buy her tickets and she said we were and then I asked her where she was going to get the money. She said she would get it from the bank. We then had to explain that you have to put money in the bank to get money out of the bank. She seemed to understand it and then told us that she wasn't ever going to get pregnant and have babies. We asked her why not. She told us that hospitals cost a lot of money and that she didn't want to have to get surgery to have a baby because she was scared of hospitals. Also was God pregnant with all those babies and is that how he keeps all the babies in heaven. She and her husband would go see Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana when she was a grown up and oh they would go to Disney World too by themselves. All of this in the less than 10 minute ride home from the Willards. It took all we had to not start laughing.

Today we went shopping for Peyton's leotards for gymnastics. Whoohooo I had a 25% off coupon and away we went. Picture the scene, a shop called DanceGear and the four of us in it. Peyton was so excited and thought that every leotard with the number 4 on it would fit. Landree was in heaven and wanted everything in her hands. Brian just meandered through and caught Landree every so often. Peyton was surprisingly not a size 4-6 but needed a 6x-7. I think it must just be the brand because that same size in one of Abby's is huge on Peyton. She has modeled these two suits all over the house. Poor Landree tried taking off her clothes to put one on after we got home. Peyton got two suits today, the American one as she calls it and a pink one. You can't see the front of the pink one because somehow she has gotten confused and thinks twirling is a part of gymnastics.

We did have a food discovery today, Lunchables. I didn't say a healthy food discovery. Peyton always likes to get them when we go to the grocery store. Every once and awhile I will let her have one. Today at the grocery store was no different. She started in for one and I started reading the labels, you know it takes me twice the time to shop because of label reading. Landree could have the mini tacos lunchable as long as I took the cheese packet out. Well of course I bought them each one for lunch. Landree loved it and she acted like she knew it was something special. We were shocked when she knew how to drink a Capri-Sun. That is probably more sugar than she has ever had before. As they were eating them, Peyton pulled out her dessert, Airheads and asked if her head would float to the ceiling like in the commercial. We had to break the news to her that it wouldn't. She was outraged and told us that we needed to call the president and tell him they were lying. She was serious and then proceeded to tell us how serious she was about calling the president because they were liars. She then said something and used air quotes. Air quotes, she's four people. She then asked Brian what air quotes were and I'll tell you watching Brian try to explain that was worth getting out of bed this morning.

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