Sunday, December 9, 2007

Children's Christmas Party

USAA had their children's Christmas party and we took the girls. There was a comedy group that did a Christmas themed show and both girls really liked it. They had a special section up front for the kids and the girls sat in their seats without us. They then got goodie bags (note to USAA- even though I know she can't have them could you put the ingredients list on the prepackaged cookies) and got to meet Santa. Landree was happy to meet him and said hi to him. The happiness lasted until he reached to pick her up to sit on his lap. Tears and cries for Mommy started. So they had Santa go behind a screen and Landree sat in the chair and Santa popped back in for the picture. You'll notice that the girls are without tights. That is because it is still HOT here. 80 plus degrees does not get one in the holiday spirit.

Christmas shopping on the other hand does work its magic on the spirit. After the party we took Brian to get a new sports coat for next weeks adult Christmas party. Two kids, lunchtime, and Macys men's department 3 weeks before Christmas may not have been the best idea. Brian got to shop in the regular men's department- not the Big and Tall section. You know how supposedly women are so expensive to clothe- I got my dress for $58 dollars and bought a pair of shoes. Brian ended up with a coat, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a tie (we didn't get the purple one Peyton voted for). Luckily Haley showed up and helped get Brian and the kids out of the store. She and I then proceeded to shop. Besides the Friday after Thanksgiving, this is the only other day I have done any Christmas shopping. Brian can't decide if I have an internet shopping obsession or something for the UPS man. Last week I stayed ticked off because normally UPS just leaves everything on the front step and then I started getting notes that I had to sign for my packages. This week my normal guy is back and he is leaving them on the back deck for me. Brian says he doesn't want to know how I am getting that special service. I guess I have done about 95% of my shopping online this year. Would you want to take my two ragamuffins in the store shopping if you could sit on your fat butt in a leather chair and do it. Back to shopping. Haley and I are officially middle-age because our heels came from Easy Spirit. We have decided that shopping is great for your diet, we were so busy we forgot to eat lunch.

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