Sunday, December 9, 2007

Drs. Appointments

The girls had their doctors appointments.

Peyton- The cardiologist spent an entire hour with us- I don't think my ob even spent that much time with me during my two c-sections. Basically she is stable in her instability. Her heart is instable but it hasn't gotten better or worse. Her heart normally beats one or two extra beats at a time. She did have a run of 3 beats this time and he said that is probably when she complains about there being a butterfly in her chest. He told me that she is so used to the extra 1 and 2 beats that if they put a normal heart in her chest she would think that was odd. Everyone has told us that this is a very common problem. Dr. Bloom agreed however he said that most people have several hundred of these a day while Peyton is having thousands upon thousands a day and they make up 10% of all of her heart beats. That is why hers are concerning. He does want us to continue to come every six months for the next few years because of the frequency of the beats. That is fine with me because I don't like going a whole year without it being checked on. He will continue to do the holter monitor, ekg, and the echo to make sure her heart is still functioning properly. As of right now no need for treatment. If she has this into adulthood or it gets worse- then we would look at treating it. Pray that band in her heart stays the same or gets better.

Landree saw the allergist- no big news there. We are waiting for her bloodwork now to check the levels of the allergens. My big girl did not even cry while they took two tubes of blood from her. Her big sister on the other hand freaked out and kept saying she couldn't look- I kept telling her to turn around then. Of course nosiness got the better of her and she had to look. The allergist did confirm our suspicions that if she is reacting to contact with milk as badly as she is then she would probably go into anaphylactic shock if she drank some. After Christmas I am going to try getting Peyton on soy just to reduce my stress level.

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