Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's all about Poooo- Part 2

Okay so a few weeks ago I told you that most of my mommy adventures centered around the bowel movements of my children. Today I get them all settled in at the table to eat lunch. WARNING- Too Much Information coming- So I then had to go to the restroom myself. Peyton hollered out that Landree was standing in her chair so I hollered back for Landree to sit. The town caller told me that she wasn't sitting so I quickly finished and went to the kitchen. I am not a man who needs reading material so we are talking less than 3 or 4 minutes here. What Peyton failed to tell me was that not only had Landree gotten out of her chair but that she had crawled across the table and was sitting on Peyton's side playing in her milk cup. Of course a few hives and some Benadryl later this situation was under control. I really do need to work on getting Peyton to soy milk- maybe I'll have the energy after Christmas.

Here are the girl's school pictures. Peyton took hers earlier in the year but wasn't looking at the camera so I signed her up for retakes. The photographers were there when I dropped her off so I got to make sure she looked this time. They then grabbed Landree up for pictures too. I would have never dressed her like she was for pictures but she sure does look cute and of course the ladies knew what they were doing because they sold two more sets of pictures.

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