Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're Officially Members

So we officially became members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church today! We spent the weekend meeting with the elders of the church and the heads of the different programs. We met all of the other new members and had a good time. Today was the start of Lutheran Schools Week so Peyton sat with her classmates to sing during the service and Landree went to the nursery. Since joining the Lutheran church is new for Brian he had to go up first to be an Adult Confirmand. I went to get Landree and we were sliding into the pew as Brian walked up front. Landree was not pleased with the fact that her daddy nor Peyton were in the pew and she decided to express her displeasure. I finally got her calmed down and got to listen to Brian profess his faith and dedication to the church and was truly thrilled. Finally, Pastor Barz called for the rest of the new members to come and up and I told Landree she could go to Daddy. She tore off up the aisle hollering, "Daddy, Daddy," and the congregation laughed. I guess Landree has introduced herself to everyone. I'm sure that it is only first of many scenes she will cause in that sanctuary. Here is a picture they took of us today:

That is the outfit that Brian wore to the Christmas party and it was about 2 sizes too big day. Yeah!!! Doesn't he look great! I have decided I might never wear that dress again. It's about two sizes too big and I look worse in it then when I actually fit into it.

The weather here is so odd. Last Monday it was 92 degrees and then it got down to freezing on Tuesday. Yesterday it was bright and the sun was shining and we went to Sea World and it was a great afternoon. Last night I had two sets of dresses laid out for the girls: Spring and Winter. This morning Brian decided they needed Spring because it was so warm yesterday. Wrong- it was cool and windy today so we had to listen to Peyton whine for the whole 2 minutes it took her to get from the car to the church.

So I am still trying to get myself in shape for the cruise and have worked out 3 of the last 4 days. After I work out I stretch. Let's just say Landree is making it a little harder. When she sees me on the floor she comes running and hops on my back yelling, "Ride Momma, Ride." So I have lost 7 pounds shy of her weight but I don't think all of it was on my back. That little bull can take the breath right out of you.

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