Monday, March 31, 2008

8 Days and my Momma Heart has had enough!!!

In the last eight days Peyton has become 5 YEARS Old, pranced around in her first-ever dance recital costume and I was told she would need make-up for it, had her first soccer practice, went fishing for the first time, had her first sporting event- soccer game, I registered her for Kindergarten, and tonight she went to Kindergarten Roundup where they announced orientation for the fall and had the school supply list ready- UGGHH. My momma heart can not take much more and it doesn't help when you try to buckle your newly independent two year old into her carseat and she starts screaming, "NO- I do it, I do it." I am not one of these mothers who doesn't want her children to grow up- I do look forward to them reaching new milestones and am so proud of them when they do. But crap- does it all have to happen in 8 days? I started looking at the pictures of her from the soccer game last night and teared up because she looked so big and I was thinking of 5 years ago I was home with this little helpless newborn who is now tearing up and down the soccer field. Maybe because it is a chunk of time- 5 years- I like to measure time in chunks like- 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 years and I think that the chunk of 5 years is harder than their first birthdays. Tonight I got her ready to go the Kindergarten Roundup and she was bopping through the kitchen and Brian and I looked at each other and didn't even need to say a word because we were both thinking how old she looked. I asked him, "Does it just seem to be all of a sudden?" He said I had done something because she didn't look that old yesterday.

So I got her registered at school today- it took over an hour and I'm not so sure that I didn't sign my firstborn over to them. I can't believe that come August she will hopefully be there with 1059 other kids (and we one of the smaller area elementary schools). We are still not sure that she will be going there. The school is capped and can't accept new students. Normally they make it through early registration before they fill up and then reach capacity as the summer goes on. They are preparing to maybe reach capacity this week and if they have more kids register for Kindergarten than spots then they will hold a lottery Monday night. They have 176 spots and 77 kids registered before lunch today. Let's just pray that everyone came early and that these numbers don't hold true for the rest of the week.

Peyton didn't want to go tonight and got nervous. She got to see the cafeteria and then we went into a classroom and heard a presentation from 2 of the 8 K teachers. We took her by the library and she was excited to know that she was going to have a library like Kacy and Abby do. She was worried about not having a playground and we took her by and she was very impressed that they have 2 playgrounds and let me tell the one has some of the biggest and probably most expensive equipment I have ever seen. I told Brian when we got home- we aren't in Kansas anymore. So everyone pray for us that we get to go to our neighborhood school and not one of the 10 that are within 7 miles of us- yes you did read that right.

I have so much to update so I think over the next day or two I will just do separate blogs for each picture and event.

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