Monday, March 3, 2008


I have obviously lost my mind. Peyton wanted to go with Brian to basketball practice yesterday. We told her no because it was rainy. Instead, Brian told her that she could go to his game tonight. This morning it was cloudy, Peyton got upset and told Brian she was afraid she couldn't go. Brian told her that if it was sunny today, she could go. Well it was sunny, 45 degrees and windy-great. It was Chik-fil-a Fundraiser night for Peyton's school so we met Brian there for supper. Peyton loved it and most of her friends were there so she had a great time. So I loaded the girls up in their winter jackets and blankets and we went to the game and were miserable. Mrs. Debra was there too and was also miserable. Finally I gave up and put the girls in the suburban under blankets and gave them a snack. We then watched the rest of the game from the warmth of my car. Daddy lost but I wish I had the camera so everyone could have seen Brian walking around in his basketball uniform and a Dora Blanket around his back like a cape. Since Brian's team lost, Peyton thinks maybe he should play football instead.

This morning, Landree decided she wanted to get on top of her dresser. She opened the drawers and tried to use them as stairs and of course fell. She now has a big scrape under her nose and says its her ouwy and it hurts. When we went to school today they were having a special blessing for the students and teachers for Lutheran Schools Week. Peyton was very proud of herself because Pastor Barz called her to the front. She got to hit the triangle 3 times when he said The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. She was so happy. Afterwards, they had the Chik-fil-a cow there and both girls were enthralled. She showed up again at supper and Landree refused to eat. She was happy to see it but didn't want to touch it. I knew that the pre-school was a good school and I have been very happy with it. However, I never knew how good it was until this weekend. We have already gotten Landree into Mother's Day Out for the Fall because we were church members and an already enrolled family. Last Friday was open enrollment for the public. People were camping out over night to get into the preschool! I love my children and if it would help, I would camp out to get Peyton into Kindergarten at the neighborhood school (there is a cap and we're not sure to get in) but camping out for Mother's Day Out or Preschool- I think I would be having Preschool at the Kitchen Table.

Well- I have to break down and clean my house tomorrow. I've just been doing minor up-keep the last two weeks and it's starting to show. Since Landree broke our scale, I have no idea how I am doing with my weight loss. I'll post tomorrow night after weight watchers. My thought is that if I keep sharing with all of you- maybe I'll keep my motivation going.

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