Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okay- so it's been two weeks

since my last post. It has been a busy few weeks only for us to be heading into an even busier week. On Thursday night, Brad and his girlfriend, Megan came into town for the weekend. On Friday we went to Rudy's for lunch and Brian took them up to see the USAA campus. Peyton had her last day of Preschool. I have to say I teared up a little because it only means that Kindergarten is even closer.

Saturday we went to Peyton's last Soccer Game and it was hot enough that Megan and I looked like two little old ladies with our Umbrellas (We have been over one hundred several times already this month). Lindsey came over to watch the girls and we went out to eat at Chuy's, went to Dillard's to exchange some board shorts Brian bought too big and he came out of there with size Mediums- yes you read that right the man that was in XXL this time last year bought mediums, and then we checked out the new Dick's Sporting Goods. It was pretty nice- I have nothing to compare it too but Brad and Megan said it was better than the one in Shreveport so I'll have to go on that. We then went to see the new Indiana Jones Movie and obviously misjudged the crowd. We had to split up and sit in two separate parts of the theater. The movie was pretty good.

Sunday I got up and got in the shower and Brian started complaining about his stomach hurting. Well he ended up spending most of the morning in the potty and then Megan started not feeling well. So we camped out at the house and didn't go to church. Well after naptime, Peyton started not looking so good. I was on the phone with Melanie when Landree fell out of my lap so I hurried and got off the phone with her and scooped Landree up. No sooner than I had done that when Peyton projectile vomiting on the carpet. I handed Landree off to Brad, Brian headed for the hills and I got Peyton to the bathroom and spent the next hour getting her and the carpet cleaned up. I got Landree to bed and Peyton decided to go lay in bed with Brian and a puke bucket. I was then on the phone with Haley when Megan started calling for Brad from upstairs. Bless her heart she had started throwing up- it's bad enough to be sick but then not be in your own bed or at your momma's house is even worse. Brad declared that if I got sick that he was headed to a hotel and calling the CDC to tent our house. I ended up at the grocery store at 10 o'clock getting gatorade, medicine, and the ingredients for the BRAT diet. I then got Brad and I Jack in the Box because we realized that we never did eat supper. I got home and gave all the sickies Gatorade or Sprite and Medicine and Brad and I sat down to eat our supper at 10:45 and started watching the movie, 27 Dresses. When Brad used to live at home and didn't stay out with the hooty owls, he and I would stay up and talk until really late in the evening. Now Brian and I have been married for almost 10 years now and here we were- me taking care of a sick husband and a sick 5 year old and him taking care of a sick girlfriend. It was definately a far cry from our chitchat sessions of old. I hated that Megan got sick but I did enjoy having Brad's company.

Memorial Day dawned and it looked like the Night of the Living Dead around here. Brian felt better but was very weak- he no longer had his fat reserves to replenish him, Megan was also better but weak, and Peyton kept going back and forth to the potty. Brad and Megan left late morning and made it back to Bossier. We sat around and watched Harry Potters all day and all four us took a much needed nap. Everybody ate soup for the day and this morning everybody is pretty much recovered.

Now we are trying to get ready for our vacation. Tomorrow, Peyton has her closing chapel and ceremony for Preschool at church, one of the moms is having a party afterwards, then tomorrow evening she has her Soccer Party at a local eating place here. Thursday, she has dress rehearshal for her Dance Recital. Friday, Buddy goes to the vet to be kenneled and Nana and Emily are coming down. Saturday, Peyton has her dance recital. Sunday, Brian and I have a 5:40AM flight to Puerto Rico where we will board our cruise to the Southern Carribbean. Nana and Emily will take the girls back to Shreveport on Sunday. So somewhere in the next 4 days, I have to get all the laundry done and get us packed up to leave for an entire week.

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