Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have returned against our will

So we have made it back from our cruise. Normally when I go out of town I enjoy myself but I am usually glad to be coming home- NOT this time. I spent 7 days in the Caribbean and could still be there. Papaw and Grandma brought the girls back to us on Monday and I was so anxious and excited to see them. However at 10 o'clock that night I was cleaning up Peyton throw up because she went hysterical crying over something and got choked- it has been years since she has done that. I looked at Brian and asked him if we could go back to the Caribbean. I have all of our laundry done and I hated doing it because it all smelled like the beach- okay a mixture of sunscreen, sweat, and fruity aloe aftersun lotion. As I washed each load I was slowly washing away my freedom. So I have decided to do a day by day blog of our trip with pictures. I know I owe some of you pics from events like Peyton's dance recital and such but I'll do my trip blog first because I want to go back and it makes me all happy to look at my pictures. This was Brian and my first "Adult-Only" trip not work involved since we've been married and we now know it will only be the first of many if we can afford it. Haley told me that she usually starts planning next year's vacation before she finishes this year's vacation and now I completely understand. We are trying to convince Melanie and Keith to come with us next year and take all the kids on a cruise.
So bear with me and hopefully by the end of next week, I'll have given you all the details.

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