Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She did great!

Landree did great during gymnastics today. The trampoline built into the floor was her favorite part. Afterwards, the coach told me that she thought Landree was a good fit for gymnastics. She also asked me if she smiled all the time or was she that excited about class. I hated to tell her that she is usually that happy. She did ask if Landree was fearless. Sigh, Yes she is fearless. The coach said she never hesitated when she asked her to do anything like some first timers do. She also said she was persistent and just kept doing everything over and over again. I told her that she was quite a climber and into everything. The coach told me that children like that were usually great at gymnastics and the structure and focus of gymnastics would help. We'll see.

One discovery I made today is that Landree is built very differently than Peyton was at three. I some what knew it but having her in Peyton's old leotard just proved it. It's a little snug in the bottom and hopefully she'll fit into the one Peyton wore the next year- if I can find it. Here were a few shots before we left this morning.

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btschulze said...

Too cute! Too cute! Too cute! TOO Cute!!!