Friday, April 24, 2009

Sugarlips is Six Today

Six years ago today, I was sitting in Little Rock with a one month, one day old child eagerly awaiting the call that my new niece Jaycee Marie had been born. Instead I got the call the God had blessed us with a boy. Gosh doggit I was already in turmoil that I was not there and now the whole family was in an uproar and I wasn't in the middle of it. My wonderful In-laws went by and took a picture for me so I could at least see him. He was so tiny and looked like a wrinkly little old man. Of course there was no name for him and my husband takes great joy in telling people that he gave them the name Jayce. I have always used his full name, Jayce Carter and he has grown into it. When he's being ornery I call him Sugarlips- don't ask me where that started, I have no idea but for now he allows me to call him that. The world has not been the same since he came into it and he's only 6. He's so stinkin' cute with stinkin' being the key word there. Here is Jayce Carter in all his glory riding my 70 y/0+ uncle's back last summer, living up to the double name.

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