Sunday, May 20, 2007


It has been an interesting weekend around here. On Friday afternoon, several of the neighborhood kids and moms met up in a driveway and watched the kids play. My guess is when you live on the face of the equator, you better do it while you can. Brian watched the Spurs game with the new neighbor so we are starting to get to know everyone. We have just found out that another friend from Little Rock is moving here to work for USAA. So we will have two other families here we know.

We had someone come into to seal all of our tile and grout on Saturday. We had planned to just alternate between the game room and our room until he told us that we would have to be off of it for 2-5 hours. 2-5 hours without a bathroom was out of the question. So we loaded up the girls and left the house. We ended up going to see Shrek the third and Landree made it through the movie. We realized that all food has to be taken for the family because you know that movie butter gets on everything. Thank goodness I had a lot of snacks because Landree ate through the entire movie. We did some shopping for the house, we may never get this house filled.

Landree found the cheerios box today and provided a nice little snack for her and Buddy.

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