Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Betty "freakin" Crocker

I have become one of those women. I should have known it was coming. My friend Jessica called me Betty "freakin" Crocker because I was making dumpling dough from scratch earlier this week. I just ignored her and went on about my business. This afternoon I got a sweet craving and had nothing with refined sugar in it. I'm trying to keep it out of the house because I'm going to start knocking over small children when I turn if my butt gets any bigger. I got the bright idea to look in my egg-free, nut-free, milk-free cookbook (sad I know). Within 20 minutes the girls and I had chocolate cookies in the oven. I realized I have become one of those women not only did I think oh- I can just bake something but I actually had all of the ingredients for several desserts in the cookbook. There goes the will power- might as well go ahead and put my order in at Omar's Tent and Awning for my summer wardrobe.

The girls were ready to help.

But of course you know their favorite part was licking the beater and spatula. Landree figured out that all good things were in the mixing bowl. She would screech wanting more of it. (Don't my new mixer and blender look nice? Thanks Daddy and girls it was a great Mother's Day.)

We will definitely be making more of these cookies they were great. Peyton felt like Landree needed hers broken up. She is really becoming a great big sister. Yesterday she gave her one of her babies just because it made her so happy.

Can you tell we had spaghetti tonight? Brian got a call at 11:00 last night and ended up going into work. He didn't get home until 3:30 this afternoon. I should have thought about that before I fixed spaghetti for supper. Wrangling these two up the stairs and into two different baths (thanks to molluscum) without getting spaghetti or chocolate on anything should have been a two man job but I got it done.

Peyton asked Brian what kind of problem they had at work. He told him they messed up some people's money. She of course asked the standard Why. Then we fell out when she said, "Did you tell them you were sorry for messing up their money." Then she got into telling us how she didn't have enough pennies, quarters, and dollars in her piggy bank. Oh my, doesn't it start young.

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Melanie said...

The picture of the girls on the cupboard so remind me of you and I at Mawmaw's eating frosting. Oh life so simple then, what happened? Hey when you call Omar see if he will give you a discount for buying two and I will take one. I love the blog and thanks for doing it. I love you all.