Monday, May 21, 2007

Next time someone hears me mention that I am planning to take two children for check-ups and vaccinations at the same time- hit me in the head. The new pediatrician's office was great- I don't think the girls have ever gotten such a detailed check-up. However, a four year old who hates shots does not correlate to a good day. I think the people on the floors above us and below us probably heard her. We finally got out of there after 2 hours exhausted. A trip to McDonalds as a treat and whoohoo Peyton got one of the Shrek triplets as a toy. Landree has been very fussy all day. Peyton has not stopped talking. Brian thinks that they injected a talking serum into her. She refused to let us take the band-aids off and went hysterical when we suggested it. She got to pick dinner for the night and lucky I know my daughter because she picked chicken and dumplings and I already had the chicken out to thaw. She helps me roll out the dough and I am not sure how much flour and dough she eats compared to what goes into the pot. I had a little left over so she spent a long time rolling it out.

Of course her favorite part- eating it.

After all of the hysterics, she couldn't fall asleep tonight and guess who peeled off all her own band-aids. All that crying and fit throwing and she did it on her own.

Anybody reading- keep Pawpaw in your prayers. He is having a heart cath tomorrow.

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