Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Repair & Beauty Shop

Our Satellite has not been working correctly since we moved in. So they sent us a new one that Brian tried to put in today. Peyton was in charge of reading the directions.

Then she got tired and needed a rest.

After looking at Landree, we might know what happened to the original. I don't think cords have stood up to the test of toddler slobber.

They both had to help inspect the area. How could Daddy do anything without all of this help?

Sorry about the white spot on the pictures, I had a spot on the lens.

Peyton loves my new bathtub. She wants to take all baths there instead of her own. Her new thing is beauty shop with Landree. The only place Landree will stay still long enough for her to do it.
I'll post tomorrow on how the girls pediatrician appointment goes.

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