Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The girls came shouting that Landree was pretty stinky. Of course I usually have an audience when I change Landree's diapers and the girls know they are going to be dirty ones. They like to know ahead of time to see if it is worth sticking around for the show. Today was an odd day because only Abby stuck around for the changing.

Abby: Oh that is so stinky
Me: Abby you used to do this do
A: I know so did Kacy
M: Actually Abby you still do just not in a diaper
A: Huh
M: Abby everyone goes poopoo you just go in the potty and not in a diaper anymore
A: No I don't
M: Yes you do
A: No I don't, except for on Wednesdays
M: Okay Abbs (trying to keep a straight face)

So either Abby didn't understand what I was talking about or she has other issues. I have decided I'm not going to investigate any further

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