Monday, August 27, 2007

Craft's Law

I am now renaming Murphy's Law to Craft's Law. Brian was hosting his Fantasy Football group tonight and I had offered to cook appetizers for them. I know they could have ordered pizza quicker but I like to do it. My goal was to have everything ready about 6-6:30 and the girls and I would retire upstairs. Well that was until Landree stepped in.

I had my day mapped out and was right on schedule put them down for a nap and scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floor- that or laundry has to be the worse part of this new job. I sprinkled some carpet stuff that came with my new Dyson on my high traffic areas and ran upstairs to take a shower. Came back down in the allotted time and started vacuuming away. I kept going over what I thought was a string and realized it was red marker. The same red marker I had cleaned off Landree earlier today. So thirty minutes later I had most of the marker out of the carpet. Hear Landree and go to get her. I open the door and was hit with a stench and my first thought was, oohh I need to take the trash out in here and next thought was I already did that today. Then I look over and there is the prettiest little face saying, "tinty, tinty Mama." That is Landree code for stinky and there she was in all her glory with a shirt and no diaper on and yes you guessed it, poopoo everywhere and no grandparents, I didn't take a picture. After 20 minutes of cleaning, I shut the door and declared that company couldn't go in that room. So I am now a good 45 minutes to an hour off schedule. Company started coming in about 6:00 and the girls were dashing in and out of men. I couldn't get my hot wings to fry and the breading to stay on them so I gave up. I finally got done about 7:15 and took the girls upstairs to eat on the game room table. I then had to just about drag Peyton to bed of course she wanted to stay up until the company left. The men left by 9 and as I sit here, my husband is cleaning the kitchen. Now he keeps asking me where things go but hey life can't be too bad.

Peyton funny- yesterday she was helping me clean their bathroom. I use the Clorox wipes and she always gets one too. I then had to go get a baby wipe for Landree to help (was not about to trust her not to eat the clorox wipe). Peyton started talking about the football party as she called it and asked if the men were bringing lights, huh? no mama lives, huh? finally she said, their womens are they bringing their womens. Wives- gotcha. It's so unusual for her to make word mistakes that I have to enjoy it while I can.

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