Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we went to Chili's with the Willard and McDonald families. The waiter definitely had a look on his face when we told him we were both tables- one of kids and one of adults plus Landree and oh we would be 3 separate checks between the 2 tables. I love going to Chilis because they have a plain grilled chicken breast and veggies on the kid's menu for Landree and they have all of their allergen info online. Afterwards we went to the Willards to play dominoes. My first time to play and I won the first game. I should have known it was just beginner's luck. I stunk the other twelve rounds.
On Saturday, Haley, Lee and I took the four girls (Landree stayed with Daddy) to Sharkey's Cuts for Kids. So far I have gotten Peyton's haircut once in San Antonio and it cost me about $20. At this place you could get the glamour package that included a mini-cure and mini-pedicure and style for $30. So we decided to do it for the girls as a good luck with the school year. The girls had a blast and the place was really neat and even had computers and a Wii set up. The other girls all had straight hair and so part of the package was a style so they curled their hair. Next thing I know, our stylist was asking if I wanted Peyton's curled up or down. Now people, have you seen her hair recently, we would have been their all day just trying to get it dry let alone curled, so instead she put clips in Peyton's hair. Peyton thought these were the best ever. She had already worn a skirt so she could twirl and the clips just added to it. We got about an inch and half cut off but she stacked it a little bit and it is curling so much more that it looks several inches shorter.
After lunch we went to McAlister's Deli next door. I am so used to skipping certain menu items that after I told Peyton her choices, I had to go back and tell her that PB&J was an option. Of course she jumped on that. It was really neat for her to get to eat peanut butter for a change. I just loved getting to eat with two other adults and it was nice to not have to hover over Landree and make sure she is not eating off other plates. We then went to The Shops at LaCantera. We have now entered the clothes that are not Cutesy anymore. We have hit Big Girl Clothes and let me tell you people, I am not ready for them. Peyton got into it and thought that if it had a four on it, she should get it. We did pick up some new outfits for school.

Brian put new brakes on his truck and put new brackets on my hatch. For some reason one went out and I was having to hold the hatch to get into my trunk. Imagine Grocery shopping with four girls and having to hold the hatch open to unload your groceries. He got the air filters in the house changed Yuck! Isn't it amazing how nasty those can get. With a return vent in each bedroom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he saw how much 2 unit vent filters and 6 return vent filters cost. Tomorrow night he is hosting the end of the Fantasy Football draft at our house. I offered to cook food so I spent the afternoon getting that ready. So the girls and I will be banned to the upstairs. I'm not complaining because that upstairs sure is a nice place to be- Got a fridge up there- Huh, maybe I need a microwave too. The girls and I could stay up there indefinitely.

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