Friday, August 24, 2007

Fat Butt/Shoot Me Now/Tomboy?

Well I have decided to do something about my fat butt. On Wednesday night, Brian, Haley and I went to Weight Watchers. Yes you read right, Brian too. Haley was his work wife at Fidelity and it took both of us to keep him straight. Now we gain up against him quite well. So we are trying WW again. Going in was like going to your old High School again. It was familiar and you know what to do but then again you would rather go screaming down the street half-naked than go through that again. Most things are the same but it still is a little different. However the thing that cracks us up the most is that the directions tell you it is behind Whataburger and then it is next door to Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins- Fat girl heaven next door to Weight Watchers. Isn't life hilarious. So what do two people who just paid to lose weight and have a happy face leader tell them how great it is going to be go do- eat McDonalds of course. Of all the great places here- we go eat McDonalds as our last meal. Speaking of Leaders we have to go find a different meeting. While the receptionist loved us and told us we were going to bring life into the meeting- Okay I'll take that as a compliment, the leader should have been named Cheerleader and she only lost 25 pounds and has kept it off for 12 years. Whoopee! I want some former fat ass as my leader. Not some skinny butt that ate a few extra doughnuts one day. So we'll try a different meeting next week. The kicker is the number of points we get. I get 28 points, Haley gets a few less but Brian gets 42 freaking points a day. Needless to say Haley and I were not happy. I informed him real quick he better eat those extra points before he gets home and not to save them all for the evening to where I have to watch him eat. I was so grumpy when Brian got home last night- well he said it was a little more than grumpy but I'm sticking with grumpy. I soon realized that I had not had any sugar all day and you all know I am a sugarholic. So I had a little sugar and got in a better mood. Only to have to deal with Fantasy Football.

Okay SHOOT ME NOW- Fantasy Football has started. Somehow, Brian has ended up in Four leagues this year. One has an automated draft and is free- no big deal. He is still in his league from last year that he shares with his old manager-Chris- that draft is next week and is done by email. He is supposed to have his San Antonio draft here at the house Monday. Then we get a call from my beloved Brother-in-Law (can you hear the sarcasm). He needed someone for his league. So starting at 7 last night, Brian started the draft with Brad's league. So we spent supper last night with Brian on the phone making his picks and talking bad about others and hearing Brad on the other end. Then for someone reason they started drafting early on his other league so of course he ended up needing to pick for both teams at the same time. My advice- always go with the LSU player. We all know Brian gets riled up about things and this is doing nothing for his blood pressure and he was on the home phone, texting and emailing all at the same time. So now I get to look forward to the pure craziness until January. I'm willing to take bets that Brian will even be checking his stats while we are at Disney World.

Ok so several people have decided Landree is going to be a tomboy. I'm not convinced. Now the hair is a little on the wild side. But here she is with Peyton's slippers and purse. She loves a purse and shoes. She sometimes comes through with a tiara on.

She also now tells you Bye-bye when she leaves a room. The girls are calling her Little Mama.

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