Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I apologize

Okay, so it has been over 2 months since I have blogged. I'm going to blame it on pure craziness. Two sets of friends from Little Rock have moved down also. So with the friends we had here from Brian's travels, other Louisiana transplants and our friends from Little Rock, we have got a great group of friends. I have been watching Marcus and Haley's two girls since they got here in July. Kacy is 9 and Abby is 5 and my girls have loved it. Being one of two girls and raising two girls, it is fabulous to watch these two girls and know that is what my future is going to be like. They will start school on Monday and I will probably cry like they are my own.

Landree is now 18 months- can't believe it! She had her checkup today and was 25 pounds (50th percentile) and 33 inches (90th percentile). She was in great health. I did get tickled when the doctor put her tongue depressor on her bottom lip and she immediately opened up and said "AHHHH." The doctor was shocked and did it two more times just to see if she would do it. She also said that she thinks Landree doesn't talk a lot because she has an older sister to take care of it and because Landree doesn't wait for things- she just goes and gets it. I really liked this pediatrician and I think we will stick with her.

I'll catch up on some pictures and post some they I have meaning to over the summer.

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