Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Landree talking

Today has been a big talking day for Landree. Her new favorite thing is to say is come on. Of course her version is a little different, now you here, "Mawn, Peypey, Mawn Mama, Mawn Buddy," everytime we go from room to room. This morning she was on the phone with Nana and she asked Landree how she was doing and Landree actually said, "Good." It was very exciting. If you call her name she now responds with, "Huh." Of course my immediate response is Mam because I am so used to correcting Peyton and Landree just gives me a blank look.
If you ask Landree where her shoe is she will go get a shoe but she has been calling all shoes- foots for many months now. Yesterday she started calling them feets. Today I picked her up and her shoe fell off and she said, "Oh, my feets, oh my feets." I laughed so hard. It was very cute and her first 3 word combo.

The girls are still in Landree's bed together at night. I think it is really bonding them. Yesterday morning and this morning I have spent 10 minutes listening to them through the monitor talking and playing together before I have gone in there. I have heard Peyton telling Landree that she is the best baby sister in the world and yesterday she was telling her, "Your my baby sister, mine, mine, mine, no one elses, just mine." Anytime Peyton is crying for any reason Landree immediately goes to her and hugs her and pats her back. Today Peyton was sitting in my chair next to me and I was reading her a story. Landree crawls up and sits in Peyton's lap, sticks her thumb in her mouth and listens to the rest of the story. Very precious and I knew I couldn't get a picture of it.
I was really looking forward to staying home to spend time with the girls. I never thought about how much closer they were going to be as sisters. It is so neat because I feel like I am getting to watch Melon and I grow up all over again. The only difference is my rule follower is the oldest and my Wild Child is the youngest.

You know life is a little different when you spend a car ride discussing EKG's and heart ultrasounds with a 4 year old. Of course Peyton's version is, "Mama when I go to the doctor tomorrow am I going to get a shot?" No, Peyton, "Are they going to make me lay down and put the sticker wires on my chest (EKG) and are they going to put that wand with that blue stuff on it and take video of my heart (ultrasound)?" I don't know Peyton. "If they take video you should put it on your webpage so my grandparents can see my heart like my turkey tango." We'll see Peyton. "Oooh Mama, suddenly I just saw Landree's pink shoes we were looking for in the back of the car. They have been hiding there from us all day." It's never a dull moment around here. I'll update tomorrow on how her cardiology appointment goes.

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