Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cruise Day 2- Day at Sea

So Brian had me mark 9:30-10:00 as our room service breakfast time so he could go work out. Well, we woke up at 9:30 and he didn't make it to work out. This is the latest I have slept in over a year!!!! I love vacationing with no kids. We got a call a few minutes before ten that our breakfast was going to be slightly late. It got there and I had scrambled eggs for the first time in a long while. They were nice and salty and GREAT- I love scrambled eggs but with Landree's Egg allergy- they are a no-no. I made Brian go and get tickets for tomorrow's Ice Show. A little before eleven, we finally made it out of the room to go to the pool. The boat has two different pools.
The pool for all ages- for some reason I didn't get a good shot of the actual pool, just all the chairs and a couple of the hot tubs
Well you can probably tell that I didn't take these pictures that day- I took them on a day we were at port.

The Adults Only Pool and hot tubs- notice how the chairs have an extra cushion and cover
When we got to the adult pool, it was packed and all of the chairs were pretty much taken and the family pool was loud and obnoxious so we went up a deck and you can see some of the deck chairs in this picture.
We sat on some pool chairs next to the railing overlooking the ocean, covered ourselves in sunscreen, and kicked back-me reading and Brian listening to his ipod. About half an hour later Brian succumbed to the men walking by saying, "Bar Service, Bar Service" and ordered a beer. Well he soon learned that if you bought a bucket of beer, they brought you a bucket full of ice and 5 beers for the price of only 4 beers and we all know Brian loves a bargain and he could take the unopened ones back to the room's refrigerator. After two hours of laying on a chair baking in the Caribbean sun with a great ocean breeze, I looked at Brian and told him that I didn't know I was one of these people. I have all the makings of being a beach bum and I didn't even know it.

We went to a late lunch in the buffet and I thought Brian was going to make himself sick on the fried fish. I even asked him for a piece off his second plate and he picked through and gave me the smallest piece on his plate- stingy. We went back to the pool and found two chairs and loved that the chairs had extra cushion and proceeded to bake some more. Eventually we drug ourselves out of the chairs and I went to the room to to start getting ready for formal night and Brian went to work out.

Here are pictures we took for Formal night. Look at how loose Brian's coat was, he bought that coat and tie for a sorority formal in 1997 so he is now way smaller than he was in college but still too cheap to buy a new coat.

I get tickled when I look at that picture because he has lost a lot of weight and his wedding ring no longer touches any part of his finger but his hands are still big and meaty compared to the rest of him. The art you see in the background spanned several of the decks. Here are two pictures of it showing the base to the top.

We were by ourselves for the first hour of dinner and then our tablemates showed up and realized that all of their clocks were an hour behind. We got know our waiter better and the food was pretty good. After dinner, we wandered around and went into some of the shops. The Drifters were performing at 10 but Brian and I were exhausted (baking in the sun takes lots of work) and decided to go to bed at that time. They have things scheduled until 2 AM but Brian and I have decided we're not after midnight people because we like to schedule our shore excursions for first thing in the morning.

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