Friday, June 27, 2008

I am still working on my cruise blogs so don't think I have forgotten. It has just been a busy week. Really not a whole lot going on just me and the girls for the week and remember when I say the girls this summer that usually means Kacy and Abby too. When I find the cord to hook my camera up to my computer, I will post pictures from this mornings job of covering the driveway with chalk.
I make them go outside in the morning because people it is HOT here. It hit 94 degrees on May 18th and has only gone up since then and the majority of those days have been 100 degree days. Now remember, that temperature is taken in the shade so it is much hotter than that. At six forty-five one day last week my Suburban said it was 104, we passed one bank and it said 103 and the next one said 105. Last Saturday, Haley and I were excited about 91 degrees but later that day it still made it to 100. As a matter of fact, there has not been a single day in the 3 weeks since I have been back from our cruise that it has not been 100 degrees. It's HOT and I am too big a girl with too much insulation to be baking like that. So I throw the girls outside in the morning and don't really let them play outside in the afternoon.
Brian now thinks I am trying to give him a heart attack. Yesterday morning I called to tell him that our CPS bill was $298. Now that is Electricity, Gas, and city trash but still. Last year the highest summer bill we had was a little less than $200. I did realize that we forgot to ask Mom to turn both units up while we were gone so we paid to keep a cool house for 8 days with no one in it. We also had the builder come last week and seal up 2 doors that weren't sealing properly and the wall behind our dishwasher so those were contributing I'm sure. So we're bumping up the air and going to sweat a little for the summer. Later in the day, I texted him and told him that it cost me $112 to fill up my Suburban. The return text was that I was trying to kill him. NO- I'm just trying to remind you that you need to smile and be good at work so that they keep paying you. Dang why didn't I get that minivan last November when I was looking.

OOOOH- I almost forgot, Brian made lifetime this week at Weight Watchers. He has lost 90 pounds and did it in 10 months- well really 8 but you have to maintain your goal weight for 6 weigh-ins to make lifetime. Brian has kind of felt like he hasn't been able to enjoy it as much because I have decided to take the scenic route on my weight lost journey. So last week when he was in St. Louis, Haley and I talked to our leader Karen and she okayed me bring some food in to celebrate. Now I know celebrating with food is something your supposed to be overcoming when you're getting rid of your fat self but I think that you should also figure out how to celebrate with food in a reasonable way. So I kept it secret from Brian and I made Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge, Oatmeal Pecan Lace Cookies (thanks grandma), Hummus Rolls, and Fruit Kebobs with Laughing Cow Cheese and the best part was each item was only 1 point. I also had brought pictures of "Fat Brian" and no one could believe them- even the people that were there when we started. Brian brought his size 46 blue jeans (he bought size 34 jeans last night) and our leader mainly made the meeting about Brian. It was really cool and I was sooo proud of him.

Two prayer requests please. Mom had bunion surgery yesterday and did really well but right now she has a pain block in it so she hasn't really felt much so I am worried by Sunday she might be in bad shape. She is staying with Ms. Phyllis and Bob and they are pampering and taking great care of her. Next, friends of ours from college, Sean and April are waiting for the birth of their first child. They had horrible fertility problems for years and God blessed them very unexpectedly with their pregnancy. April got put on bed rest awhile back with pre-eclampsia and they thought she would have to deliver very early. Well she and baby Cash have held on and she made it to 36 weeks this week and the doctor is hopeful to hold out til next week. So if you could keep these two ladies in your prayers I would appreciate it. We have no plans for the weekend for the first time since soccer started back in March. So we plan to enjoy it.

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