Sunday, June 22, 2008

We survived the week

So we have survived yet another week and I can't believe that June is almost over. Brian had to put his truck in the shop on Monday but we aren't complaining because come July he has had that truck 10 years and this is the first work we have done on it. On Tuesday, we took Brian to the airport to go to the flooding of St. Louis- not really, he had to visit Mastercard for work. Kacy, Abby and I ventured to the Library for the first time and picked up dvds, cds, and of course books. I thought it might be best to take them and figure out the lay of the land before I took the Wild Child with me. Wednesday the girls all went to swim lessons. Abby got a little spooked and didn't enjoy swimming lessons as much as she should. Thursday, Haley was going to work from home and she kept the girls with her. For the first time since I have moved here, I was at my house by myself from about 9:15-1:35. Peyton and Landree were at summer school and I didn't even know what to do with myself.

Friday, we went to see Kung Fu Panda. I don't know if I have mentioned it but Landree is talking all the time now and we have been thrilled because her frustration level has really gone down. However this means she wants to talk through the whole movie, "Oh, that Kung Fu Panda, Where's Kung Fu Panda, That Kung Fu Panda Daddy, Where's my Daddy, etc...." We then met Leigh and she took Kacy to spend the night with Britney. It was Haley's birthday so I arranged for me to take Abby and Leigh to take Kacy so they could have a kid-free night.
Brian got home a little before 4 and Landree ran to the door yelling, "I saw Kung Fu Panda, I saw Kung Fu Panda." I used to dread it when Brian went out of town when we lived in Little Rock. This time was not really that bad. Staying home has made a huge difference. The only time we missed him was at supper and bedtime. Earlier in the week, I bought a $25 gift certificate for a tex mex restaurant on for $5 so we took the kids and tried it out. We then went for Open Swim at the pool where the girls are taking lessons- I thought that if we got Abby in the water she would get more comfortable. Well I got them all fitted for goggles and of course then Landree didn't want to wear hers and we got into the pool. Peyton wanted a floaty, Landree wanted to stay on the stairs and Abby was nervous and started crying. Between Brian and I we worked with and wouldn't you know it, she started swimming like a fish. I couldn't have been prouder of my own child as I was with her. Landree eventually decided she needed to put on her goggles. She became invisible when that happened. She would stand on the stairs and throw herself at you whether you were ready to catch her or not. She took in so much water that she threw up two different times. You would think that would stop her but it didn't. So now we have a little water girl and we're going to have to figure out how to keep her safe. Once we got home we had to fight Landree to keep her from wearing her new goggles to bed and the big girls had to watch the Disney Movie, "Camp Rock." Disney is such marketing geniuses that the movie premiered Friday night but the 3 oldest girls at my house already know the songs and the stores are already selling the CD. Brian had promised them they could watch the movie and eat ice cream. Those babies were so tired that I didn't think they were going to make it. I don't know what I was thinking because those two LOVE tv and sugar.
Brian and the girls were bums on Saturday and never got out of their pajamas. I took Abby home and Haley and I went to Costco. I ended up with a membership and we then ran to the movies. We saw Sex and the City and it was GREAT. I forgot how much I had missed the girls and I felt like I was catching up with old friends. Today we went to church and there was a potluck send off afterwards. The son of one of Peyton's teachers from last summer and the Congregational President just finished Seminary school and is going to start his Vicarage this week. I took Mom's Calico Beans and Paula Dean's Not Yo' Momma's Banana Pudding. Landree survived eating from a potluck. A couple of the middle school girls have adopted her and one even sat with us so she could spend more time with Landree. Brian went to play golf this afternoon. Landree tried destroying my carpet by just being a 2 year old. I will be so glad when we can get wood flooring- my carpet is disgusting.
I do have two pieces of exciting news just for me. I got my airfare, hotel for the night before, and transportation for our girl's cruise in October booked- YEAH!!! Second piece, Jessica just booked her airfare for her and Colby to come visit in July- YEAH- #2! Peyton was so excited and said, "Oh yeah my best Little Rock friend is coming." Melanie and her crew are going to Hot Springs tomorrow and are going to meet up with Jessica and Colby- ya'll have fun!

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