Thursday, August 28, 2008

By Herself

So for the first time ever, Landree is by herself in our house. Peyton went to preschool last year but Landree took a nap during that time. She had 3 girls to play with over the summer and at one point we had Katie here too. Then she went down to just her and her sister and now she is just stuck with me. On Monday she kept asking where Peyton and Daddy were but kept reassuring herself that Buddy was still here. Monday through Wednesday she packed Abby Cadabby, Wormie, and an Elephant everywhere she went. Today she was better and I wanted to cry when she was trying to play Ring A Round the Rosy with Buddy. Bless her heart she is trying to play kid games with a dog. We are getting to do more things together and I have been reading lots of books and I can't tell you how many times we have sung our ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, and You are My Sunshine in the last few days.
She seems to be doing this a lot these days
I would love to know what she is thinking.
Just when I think she is calming down, this happens
The big opened mouth growl. I love it and most of her pictures are of her doing this.
Peyton wanted me to put a picture of her bee sticker on her blog. She got it today because she "pushed her chair under her table without instruction." Don't most kids just want to call soemeone and tell them? Nope my 5 year old is up with technology and wants it on the blog.

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