Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She has the Gossip Gene

I have always struggled with being a gossip. Let me rephrase that- there was a time when I saw nothing wrong with it but as I have gotten older, I have realized the error of my ways and am trying to be a better Christian. Unfortunately, Peyton has the Gossip Gene. She comes by it honestly and its just not from my gene pool either. I want to know the education information about her day. I want to know what they read, wrote, what math they did, etc... and she isn't talking. Instead I hear that her teacher made a mad face to another teacher. Also, one boy spit on her leg while she was trying to walk over him because he wouldn't move so she could get her backpack. She did not think he needed to be sharing his germs with her. And guess who she had to tell- the one person who would think she needed to come down here to take care of a 5 year old- Aunt Melanie. I think Peyton did it on purpose because she does like to get stuff stirred up- she walked around for two months at one point saying that if a dog or a cat bothered her, her Aunt Melanie would come, "Tear it Up." And no, she wasn't exaggerating, I heard Aunt Melanie tell her that. She is also concerned about the classes SuperStar. Supposedly he isn't a good superstar and has been making bad choices all week.

I don't know about you but when we were kids and when I taught in Little Rock, we had fire and tornado drills once a month. Today Peyton announces that she had a fire drill and a Lock-Down Drill. On the Lock-down drill she went into a very detailed explanation of how it was if a mean guy or girl was wanting to get in and how she had to hide under the table so he couldn't see her and if they principal came to the door and wanted to get in they couldn't let her because the mean guy could be hiding behind her and they had to put up a green square to show they were okay and then she went on a tirade about guns. (Longest run-on sentence ever) It immediately made me scared for her but then I remembered my mom telling me how scared she used to get when they had to hide under their desks for the nuclear bomb drills. She was in Kindergarten 50 years ago and what do you know they were scared of crap too.

So while I want to try to teach Peyton not to be a gossip and a s**t stirrer, I do like knowing what exactly is happening in her room. I guess I haven't completely reformed yet.

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