Thursday, August 28, 2008

Got Venison?

Haley- you can skip this post- I know how you oh so love discussing deer meat.
So I have been trying to cut corners and pinch a few pennies around here and decided I was not going to buy any meat and only use what is in the freezer for two weeks. I got through a few days of chicken no problem and I love having Baked Potato night. I then started hitting the venison meat. Last year Brian processed his own deer and made a lot of patty sausage meat and durger (deer hamburger). I'm thinking we had around 60 pounds of it if I am remembering right and we still had some from the previous year. So here is what I have made so far

Durger- Hamburgers made with Onion Soup Mix
Durger- Pennsylvania Coal Miners BBQ- like a sloppy joe
Durger- Tacos/Burritos
Sausage- Homemade Pizza
Sausage- Spaghetti Meat Sauce
Sausage- Potato, Onion Hash
Sausage- Mini Meat Pies
Sausage- Pancake Breakfast for Supper

I did make it through the two weeks but I still need to get meat out before I put more in when Brian goes deer hunting this fall. I have thought about chili- but it is too hot for that. So, if you've got any ideas, just put them in the comment section.

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