Monday, August 25, 2008

Peyton's First Day- Lots of Pictures for you Grandparents

We got the girls up, fed them Chocolate Chip Pancakes (yes they were dairy, egg, and peanut free but surprisingly not taste free- Brian tried to eat his weight in them), got everybody dressed with their hair done and out the door for pictures by 7:15. Here she is in front of the house- she's trying to look all happy and excited but do you noticed the balled up fists?

Brian pushed Landree in her stroller so I was free to snap pictures and Peyton tried "flying" down the sidewalk out of the neighborhood.

She got a little concerned when she kept seeing the helicopter flying over her school. Really it was flying over the new High School to document all of the traffic because it is opening without traffic lights.
How did I get a child with legs like these?

Peyton has been trying to convince us that she can walk to school by herself. Halfway there today she informed me that her legs were tired. I reminded her that she wanted to walk by herself and that we would be doing this again this afternoon. She responded with, "Momma, I think you might need to bring the car this afternoon." Even the parents behind us were laughing. We got to her school and I made her stand in front of the library so I could get a picture. I was shocked I even found a free spot because all the parents of the other 1200 kids were trying to get pictures.

We made it into her classroom where we put everything up and she got started playing with Play-Doh. Brian and I actually left without having to be asked. We went and put money into her cafeteria account. I ran into our HOA President whose son had Peyton's teacher a few years ago and they loved her so that made me feel a little better. We started to leave and Brian said he was going back to check on her. I decided that I didn't want to start crying up there so I sent him and he snapped this pic when he went.

I held it together and didn't cry until we were walking back home. Landree and I went to eat breakfast with a friend and we commeserated over our babies starting Kindergarten. I'm going to have to work on Landree's nap schedule because she wouldn't go to sleep and only got about an hour before I had to wake her up to go pick Peyton up. I thought we might fry on our walk up to school and got tickled at myself because I was wondering why I was so hot because it was only 95 degrees. You know you live in South Texas when you're saying it is ONLY 95 degrees. I sure wanted to take a golf cart away from a lady in my neighborhood that drove to school in it to pick up her kids. Of course Peyton's class was the last one out and she immediately informed me that her mouth was too tired to tell me about her day. She didn't want to talk to anyone about her day.
Five hours later I know that she liked snack and lunch- big surprise. She got her picture taken by the lunch lady for her account. She only made one friend today and she is okay with that. Her favorite book was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The teacher made a mad face at another teacher because her class got mixed up. She went to Music and the teacher told them all the music class rules. We asked her what the rules were and she said she didn't remember but if you didn't follow them then you would go from 4 points to 3 points. So we then asked if she didn't remember the rules how would she know if she was going to break them and then lose a point. She told us she was okay with that so of course we responded with the fact that we weren't.

So overall it sounds like she had a great day and she wants to go back tomorrow. Sounds like a successful day to me. Now lets see if I can get us all up, fed, and dressed and to school on time.

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